29 Contestants Made It Through Nigerian Idol Theatre Week


29 Contestants Made It Through Nigerian Idol Theatre Week

Last night, the 60 Contenders who made it past the first phase of Theatre Week had to face the challenge of bonding with a duet partner and creating an incredible performance in a short amount of time.
Amaka and Sir Danny kicked off the night with an excellent performance of ‘Shekere’ by Yemi Alade featuring Angelique Kidjo. Both duo partners progressed to the next stage of Theatre Week. Dozie and Elita, who were up next, were not as fortunate. From the beginning of their rehearsal, the two battled to blend and couldn’t stop singing over each other. Unfortunately, neither of them received the Judges’ clearance to go and were eliminated from Nigerian Idol.

More contestants and their duet partners faltered as the duet round progressed. Festus and Joshua, Alfred and Nma, as well as Chris Shokoya and Japhet, all took a bow after failing to win the Judges’ approval with their performances.

A ray of sunshine soon appeared as Daniel and Mina captivated the Judges with their performance. Mura, Mina’s twin, was not so fortunate, as he and his companion Oscar were chastised for focusing too much on their act and not doing enough to sing their chosen song.

One twin makes it, the other crashes out

More contestants were sent home during Theatre Week, but their duet partners were offered the opportunity to advance to the next round. Somi, Constellar, Ruby, and Sandeevah Musiq were all told they couldn’t compete any longer. However, their teammates Precious Mac, Reigny, Constance, and Quest all survived.

This was especially devastating for Quest, who had formed a bond with her duet partner. She sobbed after their performance, expressing that she had expected a different result.

The duet rounds proceeded, with more contestants being eliminated. The duet of Abimbola and Benphilips, as well as Big Nate and Lani, did not impress our Judges and were eliminated from the competition.

Duet disasters during Theatre Week

Finally, Abraham and Ose Daniel were able to impress the Judges with their rendition of ‘Ginger’ by Wizkid starring Burnaboy. They both advanced to the next round of Theatre Week, opening the door for more duet couples to compete. Arite and Soultunes, Amb Lawrence and Busayo, and Maio and Yella were among them.

The duet round concluded with outstanding performances by Chisom and Goodness, as well as Eloehi and her companion Victory.

Last night’s programme concluded with the Judges offering sensible advice to the 29 contestants who advanced to the next round of Theatre Week.

Obi Asika made it obvious that talent is not enough, and that being the best in the music business requires a lot of hard effort.

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