A Look into Sheggs and Bella Relationship

Big Brother Naija housemates Bella and Sheggz had yet another close talk in the Garden that revealed a lot as the majority of the Housemates were winding down and getting ready for bed.

Sheggz believed Bella wasn’t giving their relationship any attention because she already had a boyfriend outside of the House. By claiming to have been in a serious relationship for three years, she pulled a quick one on Sheggz. Her mystery man will break up with her after the Level Up Season was done due to their interactions in the House.

They continued by talking about Bella’s problems with commitment and their first kiss. Sheggz would “not be able to stop talking about it” when it occurs, according to Bella, who boasted about how awesome it would be. Sheggz was stuck on his opinion, even though Bella insisted she was lying when she said she had a man. However, in order to end the night on a positive note, he agreed to move on from that discussion.

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