Angel and Boma Fight Dirty – BBNaija 2021

Angel and Boma seem to have relapsed on their growing friendship and we are here to tell you why.

Boma and Angel have had an ‘on and off’ relationship right from the early weeks of the show and it seems it is not coming to an end anytime soon.

A little back story

The two first had an issue right in the second week of the show while preparing for a task presentation.

The two later made up and even took things a bit further when they shared the same bed on some nights and also shared a kiss when they both gained access into the Executive Lounge.

The kiss they shared turned out to be the reason for a severe confrontation between them this evening.

Boma and Angel exchange words

The fight

The two were at logger heads this evening when Angel went to ‘disturb’ Cross in the Games Room while they had a break from the Boomplay task. In the room with Cross were Yousef and Boma playing a game of pool. When Angel got there she proceeded to have light banter with them. While having their conversation Boma accused Angel as someone who could not be trusted with secrets. This was after he revealed they kissed in the Executive Lounge which Angel denied.

Boma however called her a β€˜kiss and tell; because he said she had revealed to everyone that she shared an intimate moment with him. This didn’t go down well with Angel who denied the allegation. Boma however continued to insist and when Angel continued to deny down to the extent of using some curse words.

Boma however responded with not just curse words but a few insults hurled at her. In all this Cross who seemed surprised at how fast things were escalating asked Boma why he was using such words with Angel. Boma however continued to hurl insults at Angel.

The tipping point

Angel went into a full scream mode when Boma alluded she was a child who was not on his level

This was the tipping point for Angel as that had being one of the insults he hurled at her the first time they had a verbal confrontation and this time she wasn’t going to let it slide.

Angel made it clear she was doing better even if she was a child since he was in the House with her and if he was such a β€˜bigger person’ who was not on her level he would not be there with her.

When it seemed like the two were going to throw hands at each other, Yousef quickly held on to Boma while Pere held on to Angel. In all this Angel made sure to tell Angel to never repeat what he said.

Will these two ever try to rebuild a mutual accord or not. We can’t wait to see what happens between them.

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