Angel, Arin and Saga Confronts Beatrice for Giving Wrong Impression

Following the announcement that Pere and Maria are the Wildcards, an unusual candidate is bearing the brunt of the Housemates’ dissatisfaction.

Many of the Housemates are furious with Beatrice for giving the idea she was ready to get up during last nights Live Show when Ebuka invited the genuine Wildcards to stand on their feet for the big reveal.

Everyone expected Beatrice to rise, but it was Maria and Pere, the true Wildcards, who did so instead. When Angel approached Beatrice in the bedroom after the Live Show, she claimed she was only adjusting her jacket and not getting ready to stand up.

Angel became enraged and informed Beatrice that it was not cool for her to appear to be about to rise up.

Beatrice angered Arin and Saga as well, with the former calling her “trash” for attempting to “destroy the Task” and the latter labeling her “a idiot.” Yikes!

Liquorose, on the other hand, had a private conversation with Beatrice in the bedroom, telling her to be strong. “No one has the authority to make you feel sorry for yourself. It isn’t always the case that people are out to get you.”

Beatrice went on another apology tour in the kitchen, hugging Arin and Saga. Arin accepted it, but throughout the hug, she rolled her eyes behind her back.

Isn’t it strange that the Housemates’ rage is directed at Beatrice rather than Peace, who was the one who persuaded the whole House to vote for Liquorose and Jaypaul as the Wildcards, or was Beatrice being immature by creating the appearance that she was ready to rise up?

Beatrice is ruffling feathers in the House, as seen by last night’s “Marry or Kill” game. Will Beatrice be able to make it through the new week without getting into a fight? Let’s see what happens!

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2 years ago

Beatrice is just being real to herself, she stays in the house to bring up more gossips that’s the game