Aunty’s Meeting with Ultimate Love Guests (Week 1)

Aunty who is an adviser to the ultimate love guest in the love pad met with all 16 love guests in the house. I have transcribed the conversation of each love guest. Here are the revelations.


First to have a seat in Aunty’s Lounge was David, who opened up about his childhood and the challenges he had bonding with his mom who, though she meant to protect him, was a little heavy-handed with the rod. Now that he’s older, he realizes how fearful she was of losing her only son to the streets of the rough neighborhood he grew in and he empathizes.

When Aunty quizzed him about the mood in the Love Pad, he revealed that he’s loving the positive vibe which fits his personality as he doesn’t respond well to negative vibes. He also confessed that he’s sometimes confused for a clown because he just wants to make people laugh and lift the mood.


Cherry’s sit down with Auntie proved to be quite heavy. She opened up about enduring domestic abuse as a young child and being told awful things like she’d be “dead by 15”. While she had a profoundly beautiful relationship with her dad initially, this changed after he remarried and she had to flee from home and go live with her mom. The tears started flowing when she recounted how beautiful it was seeing her mom in good health after years of being told she was sickly and dishevelled. They also bear a striking resemblance.

Aunty then zeroed in on how this trauma has affected her outlook on love and Cherry revealed that she tries to be grateful for life and positive (which is evidenced by her bubbly personality. It also informed her decision to become a doctor because she wanted to offer her children safety and security. She also wants her family to be a shining example of love and happiness so she can inspire others.


Ikye proved, once again, that he’s got wisdom far beyond his years and a profound intellect. As Aunty pointed out, one would expect a 24-year-old to be thinking about having fun and living his best life, but Iyke made it clear from the jump, “I’m exactly where I need to be and I’m not missing out on anything.” This is a pattern that continued throughout his one-on-one as he confessed that he’s already pretty-much made up his mind about his match and was “80% sure”.

Aunty also got him to touch on what he’s looking for and he said that his mom is very hands-on and was intensely engaged in their upbringing so he wants that same compassion and concern in a partner. Before parting and thanking Aunty (classic gentlemen), he also revealed that Ultimate Love is the perfect platform for him because unlike a regular home environment, there are no distractions or worries to stress over so he can give his potential wife his full attention.


Nkechi’s family had reservations about her coming onto a reality show to find love, but she made it clear to Aunty she wasn’t going to change her mind no matter what they say. She also recounted how she was stuck in a relationship with a guy who was non-commital for almost 10 years. She broke it off after picking up on some negative traits in her partner that left her unhappy, and she hadn’t been happy for a while. The shy marketing maverick thinks the Love Pad is a perfect opportunity for her to breakaway and find her one and only after missing out on so much.

Aunty came through to the Love Pad to touch base with the remaining eight Love Guests and their revelations tonight were illuminating. Here’s a spotlight on the last four.


After chatting to Jay it became clear to Aunty, and all of us, that this is one man who has his heart set on something very stable with clearly defined parameters. The topic of financial security came up several times and he even joked about not wanting to take someone’s daughter and make her look old because he can’t provide for her needs.

Aunty was also curious to know how his parents felt about his marriage situation, but Jay was quick to express that he marches to the beat of his own drum and that they pretty-much leave him to make his own choices. Ultimately, this is a man who has a very clear vision and a checklist which left Aunty impressed but she was also curious about whether he’s willing to compromise a little in order to find true love.


Jenny Koko was brave enough to share the painful details of her early childhood and how her father struggled to run a salon and provide for her needs after her mother left when she was only two months. When Aunty inquired about her love-life, Jenny Koko also revealed that she was almost about to get married but the potential bae’s age (older than her dad’s) shut the whole thing down.

Despite these setbacks, she’s optimistic about taking a chance on love in a bold way because she’s had complete strangers on social media and dating apps turn out to be amazing people after giving them a chance. She’s also keeping her heart on her sleeve as far as potential suiters are concerned, but was a little apprehensive about locking down a match because while she’s bonding with people in conversation, there’s no telling if they’re bonding too.


Michael’s gentle demeanour really shone through in his chat with Aunty. When quizzed about the importance of women in his life he lauded them for offering something profoundly special… Something men just can’t replicate no matter how hard they try. He also shared how his father passed while his mom was expecting him, making him the youngest of four. He has a close relationship with his mom as a result and he appreciates her ability to say the perfect thing to comfort him no matter what he’s going through.

As for his quest for love, Michael believes that companionship is the most important thing and it comes first before children, though he’s really keen on having them. It’s clear that family means so much to him and he’d love to have his own, built with God as its foundation. “Why?” you might ask? “He is love, He is patient and He allows you to make all these mistakes and yet still guides your steps.” – So poignantly put Michael.


Closing off Aunty’s one-on-one’s was Rosie who shared a harrowing story about how she almost lost her now, three-year-old son twice, during her pregnancy; first at 5 months and then again at 8 months making him a miracle baby. This is what inspired his name, “Jeremy”, a reminder to him to “exalt the lord” for his life.

Rosie also confessed something we’ve been seeing play out for a few days now, that she’s torn between two men who Aunty insisted she call Mr. A & Mr. B anonimously. Judging by her discription, Mr. A, who is “introverted”, shy and doesn’t pay close attention to detail seemed like Kachi where Mr. B, who was described as fun, charming, very detail-orientated and attentive sounded like David. (He always has her in stitches.) Rosie is also looking for someone who is both a lover and a friend because divorce and a broken family are not an option for her. Aunty reminded her to really ask the right questions and think carefully about what the desires of her inner-most heart are.

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