BBMzansi 2024 Week 2 Vote Result and Percentage – Sammy_M Evicted Housemate

BBMzansi 2024 Week 2 Vote Result and Percentage – Evicted Housemate

HoH Neo is, by virtue of the role, immune from nominations and possible eviction, a key privilege that is only granted to the Head of House. Every queen needs her king, and our HoH selected McJunior at random. They will share in the spoils of the Head of House bedroom together.

With hungry housemates populating the Big Brother Mzansi house, Disruptor Neo already has her HoH work cut out for her and will have the faith of the house resting heavily on her shoulders. Will the trusted Disruptor lead them to a victorious wager win?

BBMzansi 2024 Week 2 Nomination

The housemates then gathered in the lounge for what turned out to be personal nominations with a twist. Disruptors’ nominations are usually null and void. Under normal circumstances, this is a rule that also applies to Disruptor Neo, but tonight was an exceptional instance. As the new Head of House, Disruptor Neo was granted the power to save and replace, and she chose to save McJunior from nominations, and replaced him with Zee. Here is the final list of nominations as confirmed by Biggie: Lerato Modise,  Mpumi, PapaGhost, Sammy_M, and Zee.

Here is how the housemates nominated:

HousemateNomination 1Nomination 2
Lerato ModiseMpumiJareed
LiemaMpumiDisruptor Famima*
MeelayDisruptor Taki*McJunior
MichLerato ModiseDisruptor Famima*
PalePapaGhostLerato Modise
Sammy_MWillyDisruptor Famima*
YolandaLerator ModiseMcJunior
Young PappiMcJuniorSammy_M
*Disruptor FahimaLiemaEls
*Disruptor NeoPapaGhostLiema
*Disruptor Taki YolandaPapaGhost

*The Disruptors are not eligible for voting so either way their nominations wouldn’t count.

BBMzansi 2024 Week 2 Nominated Housemates Up fo Eviction

Here are the housemates up for possible eviction this week;

  1. Lerato Modise
  2. Mpumi
  3. PapaGhost
  4. Sammy_M
  5. Zee

BBMzansi 2024 Week 2 Vote Result and Percentage

This is how viewers voted to save their favourite housemate nominated for possible eviction this week.

BBMzansi 2024 Week 2 Vote Result


  1. PapaGhost – 13.09%
  2. Lerato Modise – 11.98%
  3. Sammy_M – 9.19% (Evicted)

BBMzansi 2024 Week 2 Evicted housemate

Sammy_M is the BBMzansi housemate evicted during the week 2 live eviction show and now 20 housemates remain in the house to play their way to the finale!

Probably the luckiest housemate in the two weeks of the game. Safe in Week 1 after finding the Eye of Immunity and she was one part of the trio that won the dance challenge in Week 2, earning herself a well-deserved pamper session.


Sammy_M BBMzansi 2024 Journey

The journey comes to an end for Sammy_M after two weeks of showcasing her talents, standing her ground, and a budding romance.

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