BBMzansi 2024 Week 6 Live Eviction Show Highlight

BBMzansi 2024 Week 6 Live Eviction Show Highlight

Chuenzaaa, Meelay, Mich, and Taki were evicted from the BBMzansi house in a startling eviction that left the remaining housemates in disbelief. The live show, hosted by Lawrence Maleka, wasted no time in revealing the fate of the nominated housemates.

BBMzansi Week 6 Live Eviction Show

Within minutes of the show’s commencement, McJunior and Zee were declared safe, but Meelay faced the unfortunate fate of being the first housemate to be evicted. When asked about her experience, Meelay admitted feeling overwhelmed by the personalities in the house and attributed it to a lack of interest in the ongoing conversations.

Following Meelay’s departure, Taki, who transitioned from disruptor to housemate, opened up about his genuine feelings for Neo, another disruptor. He expressed a willingness to connect with her now that he’s outside the house.

The eviction continued with Biggie’s decision to evict two more housemates, leaving the remaining housemates in tears. Chuenzaaa became the third housemate to exit, emphasizing to Lawrence that he took each day as it came and avoided seeking out gossip. Mich, visibly shocked, was the last to leave the house. Mich’s eviction brought Yolanda to tears, leaving other housemates in a state of shock. On stage, Chuenzaaa maintained his approach of taking each day in stride, while Mich confessed to being surprised by his unexpected eviction.

The evicted housemates were given an opportunity to metaphorically throw daggers at a fellow housemate of their choosing. Meelay aimed her dagger at Jareed, hoping he would occupy himself and refrain from causing any issues with her friends, Els, Liema, and Mpumi. Taki directed his dagger at Makhekhe due to a statement he made about taking shots at him. Chuenzaaa chose Willy as the recipient of his dagger, expressing his belief that Willy lacks loyalty. Mich, on the other hand, targeted Sinaye with his dagger.

Four evictions in one night

Having four housemates is quite a handful, and tonight marks the first instance of the house experiencing such a high number of evictions, excluding the disruptors Fahima and Neo. We’re eagerly anticipating the surprises that Biggie has prepared for us in the upcoming live show.

Taki’s BBMzansi 2024 Journey

Taki’s journey in the house is the stuff of fairy tales, as he moved from being one of Biggie’s disruptors to becoming a housemate.

Mich BBMzansi Journey

The first Head of House of the season, Mich, gave viewers and his fellow housemates spicy one liners and made sure he lived to the fullest while in the house.

Meelay’s BBMzansi Journey

Meelay lived a quiet yet eventful life in the S’ya Mosha house. Often letting us get a glimpse of her amazing energy.

Chuenzaaa’s BBMzansi Journey

Chuenzaaa’s journey in the house involved living his truth and making sure he was not forced into any cliques.

The housemates will once again battle for immunity in the Head of House game tomorrow as we draws closer to the grand finale with 13 Mosha housemates left in the Big Brother Mzansi house.

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