BBMzansi 2024 Week 6 Vote Result & Percentage – Mich, Taki, Meelay & Chuenzaaa Evicted Housemates

Result of how viewers voted for their favourite housemate nominated for possible eviction during the week 6 Sunday live eviction show is out. Recall that during the week’s head of house game, Willy emerged as the new Head of House, while Chuenzaaa, Liema, Makhekhe, McJunior, Meelay, Mich, PapaGhost, Sinaye, Taki, Yolanda, and Zee have been nominated for eviction. Let’s take a look on how the nomination process for the played out.

BBMzansi Week 6 Head of House Game

Last week Monday, Taki handed the reigns of power to Willy after he won the Head of House challenge following his battle with PapaGhost for the crown. The games, which happened in four stages, saw Els, Meelay, McJunior, Mpumi, Willy, and Young Pappi win the first stage. After competing in the second stage, McJunior and Willy had the best time, becoming the only two to make it to the third stage. For a moment, it seemed we were going to see McJunior and PapaGhost have a rehash of their HoH battle from two weeks earlier, but Willy beat McJunior in the third stage, thereby crushing that possibility.

For the final stage, Willy had a battle of wits with PapaGhost, who, unlike the other housemates, had a smooth ride to the finals thanks to his win of the HOH fast-forward endurance challenge last night. After both getting Biggie’s questions correctly, Willy finally had the upper hand when correctly answering the final question, which PapaGhost failed. This automatically made Willy the winner of the Head of House game.

BBMzansi 2024 Week 6 Nomination

The nomination sessions, turning the Big Brother Mzansi house into a canvas of emotions, continued with the housemates expressing their reasons, ranging from irritation and irreconcilable differences to food feuds and issues of control.

See how the housemates nominated below:

HousemateNomination 1Nomination 2
McJuniorPapaGhostLerato Modise
Lerato ModiseMcJuniorSinaye

BBMzansi 2024 Nomination Result for Week 6

Here are the housemates and the numbers of nominations they recieved.

  1. Chuenzaaa – 0 nomination
  2. Els – 1 nomination
  3. Jareed – 3 nominations
  4. Lerato Modise – 1 nomination
  5. Liema – 2 nominations
  6. Makhekhe – 3 nominations
  7. McJunior – 3 nominations
  8. Meelay – 2 nominations
  9. Mich – 2 nominations
  10. Mpumi – 1 nomination
  11. PapaGhost – 2 nominations
  12. Sinaye – 5 nominations
  13. Taki – 3 nominations
  14. Yolanda – 4 nominations
  15. Young Pappi – 0 nomination
  16. Zee – 2 nominations

Head of House Veto Power

The Head of House for the week Willy used his veto power to save Jareed from nominations and replaced him with Chuenzaaa.

BBMzansi 2024 Housemates Nominated for Eviction this Week

Here are the housemates with the highest nominations this week.

  1. Chuenzaa
  2. Liema
  3. Makhekhe
  4. McJunior
  5. Meelay
  6. Mich
  7. PapaGhost
  8. Sinaye
  9. Taki
  10. Yolanda
  11. Zee

BBMzansi 2024 Week 6 Vote Result

The result of how viewers votedΒ  to save their favourite housemate from possible eviction this week is out. Mich, Taki, Meelay and Chuenzaa have been evicted from the Big Brother Mzansi house haven gotten least number of votes from viewers this week. Here is how viewers voted.

BBMzansi 2024 Week 6 Vote Result

HousemateVote PercentageStatus


Taki’s BBMzansi 2024 Journey

Taki’s journey in the house is the stuff of fairy tales, as he moved from being one of Biggie’s disruptors to becoming a housemate.

Mich BBMzansi Journey

The first Head of House of the season, Mich, gave viewers and his fellow housemates spicy one liners and made sure he lived to the fullest while in the house.

Meelay’s BBMzansi Journey

Meelay lived a quiet yet eventful life in the S’ya Mosha house. Often letting us get a glimpse of her amazing energy.

Chuenzaaa’s BBMzansi Journey

Chuenzaaa’s journey in the house involved living his truth and making sure he was not forced into any cliques.

The housemates will once again battle for immunity in the Head of House game tomorrow as we draws closer to the grand finale with 13 Mosha housemates left in the Big Brother Mzansi house.

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Please make sure Young Pappi overtake Willy before 10pm

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