BBMzansi 2024 Week 8 Vote Result and Percentage

BBMzansi 2024 Week 8 Vote Result and Percentage

Young Pappi had a full journey into the top nine, but it all came to an end tonight when he was evicted from the Big Brother Mzansi house. His eviction concludes a week of jaw dropping plot twists that saw two housemates exit the house during the week. Young Pappi may have been the only housemate to be evicted tonight, but his journey in the house was far from a solo one. He found companionship in the special friendship he formed with Zee. The two were inseperable, even after he compromised their friendship by kissing Liema. That was quickly settled and the friendship grew stronger.

BBMzansi 2024 Week 8 Nomination Result

After the Head of house games which was won by PapaGhost, the housemates proceeded into the diary room to nominate two housemates each they want to evict from the BBMzansi show.

As a result of his triumph, PapaGhost gained immunity from nominations for the week. Additionally, he chose Lerato Modise as his guest to join him in sharing the Big Brother lounge.

Here is how the housemates nominated:

HousemateNomination 1Nomination 2
SinayeMpumiLerato Modise
Young PappiMpumiWilly
Lerato ModiseMpumiWilly
MakhekheZeeYoung Pappi
MpumiYoung PappiLiema
McJuniorYoung PappiLerato Modise

BBMzansi 2024 Week 8 Nomination Result

Here are the number of nominations each housemates received;

HousematesNo. of Nominations
Lerato Modise2
Young Pappi3


Papa Ghost



HoH title holder

Head of House Veto Power

There is no Head of House holder save and replace privilege this week.

Fate Room Game Play

The nominated housemates were given one more chance to earn immunity from nomination by participating in the fate room game play. the game was in two rounds. the first round, housemates were require to pick a red marble in a pool of blue marbles from a lucky deep box. Lerato Modise picked the red marble and proceeded to round two of the fate room game. in the arena. Lerato Modise was required to spin an arrow which has two options; eviction (immediate eviction from the BBMzansi house) and Finale (will proceed to the grand finale). Luck was not on her side as the arrow fell on eviction which means her journey in the show has come to an end.

Housemates up for eviction this week

The following housemates has been nominated for possible eviction this week;

  1. Liema
  2. Mpumi
  3. Sinaye
  4. Willy
  5. Young Pappi
  6. Zee

BBMzansi 2024 Week 8 Vote Result

Young Pappi has been evicted from the Big Brother Mzansi show after he got the least number of votes from viewers this week among the nominated housemate.

BBMzansi Week 8 Result

HousematesNo. of Nominations
Young Pappi3.50% (evicted)

Young Pappi joined Lawrence for a brief interview and emphasised the nature of his relationship with Zee. The status? Friendship. When asked about who he would like to win the show, he said he is not rooting for any ladies because the show has been won be women in recent years. Like all live shows go, the evicted housemate is given an opportunity to throw a dagger at any of the remaining housemates, and Young Pappi threw one at his bestie, Zee, and told her that “it’s all love”.

Young Pappi BBMzansi Journey

Young Pappi kissed, danced, and brought vibes all the way to the top 10. This is a look back at his journey.

The live eviction show featured a special guest who evicted herself in the Fate Room, Lerato Modise. Her journey came to an abrupt end when she spun the wheel and landed on “eviction” following the nominations on Monday night. She joined Lawrence on stage where she shared her strategy. She told Lawrence that she had to put her real self aside upon entry into the house and adopt a persona that allowed her to be the channel through which the activities of “children” (housemates) could be shown. Her identity “Miss Robot” was stripped and, as a part of her greater game, the woman we experienced was a version that was far removed from who she is. As a conclusion to that very game, Lerato Modise threw a dagger at PapaGhost as her birthday gift to the man she now refers to as “homie”.

Lerato Modise BBMzansi Journey

Lerato Modise lived up to her name when she found love in the house, but her journey wasn’t always rosey.


It would not be a live eviction show without some shaking of tables. Lawrence asked Mpumi why she felt that Liema is not the most talented housemate as PapaGhost claimed. She said that she believes the housemates are equally talented, and while Liema may be gifted vocally, but that does not outweigh the other talents in the house.

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