BBNaija 2021 Airtel Task for the Housemates

The Shine Ya Eye Housemates have another task on their hands after completing their first Token Challenge, and this time it’s the Airtel Task. There are three components to this task. When the time arrives, they will be given the directions for each task.

The First Task

A large airtel envelope containing 22 smaller envelopes for each Housemate was attached to the Brief. Boma, the Head of House, then proceeded to hand out the envelopes to all of the Housemates, along with their names. The directions for the first Task were enclosed in each tiny package. They weren’t permitted to talk about or reveal what was written inside their envelopes. Any Housemate who breaches this rule will be disqualified from the Task immediately.

BBNaija 2021 Airtel Task 3

This first Task had a time limit of one hour for the Housemates to accomplish. The buzzer will ring to indicate when they are to begin and when they are to finish. They were also given Airtel goods. The buzzer went off not long after each Housemate received their item and letter. The Housemates wasted little time in getting down to business and completing their first Task.

The Hidden Instruction

Arin and Saga were given the task of keeping the House alive for the whole one-hour period. They were in charge of ensuring that the Housemates engaged and were in good spirits. They needed to figure out how to carry out this task without drawing attention to themselves.

BBNaija 2021 Airtel Task 3

The rest of the Housemates

Saga and Arin were to be entirely ignored. Nothing happened. There were no exchanges, no touching, no eye contact, nothing. They were supposed to go about their daily lives as if they didn’t exist. They were not allowed to speak, grin, play, blink, or even make a sign to either of them.

The Second Task

The Housemates quickly moved on to the second portion of the Airtel Task after completing the first part. All of the Housemates were instructed to congregate in front of the TV in the lounge to watch a video during this segment.

They had to take turns replying if they had ever been ghosted on due to network difficulties and what their initial response was when they discovered they didn’t have access to the internet after they completed watching the video. They only had 30 minutes to complete this exercise, and the sound of the buzzer would signal when they should begin and stop.

BBNaija 2021 Airtel Task 4

The Final Task

The Housemates were invited to separate into three teams for the last phase of the task. Male and female members must be represented on each squad.

They have 90 minutes after forming to conceive and compose a great followup to the Airtel Ghost commercial that was played for them. After the 90-minute time limit has passed, all teams must report to the arena to make their presentations while wearing the new gear. The Head of House will oversee the entire procedure in the arena, summoning the teams one by one to make their presentations. Each team was given five minutes to pitch their ideas.

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