BBNaija 2021 Day 3 Highlight, New, Update, Gist July 27 (Video)

New Couple

There’s something brewing between Sammie and Angel; something we think might earn them the coveted (by our standards) ‘First Ship of the Season’ title. This duo is raising eyebrows with their shenanigans, and even though it’s too early to tell (it’s only been two days), we just might have a romantic relationship to stick our noses into, in the next couple of weeks – or maybe even days!

On Monday night, Sammie and Angel stole away from the main House and spent some quality time in the garden

Housemates Engage in Pranks

The Housemates are on a mission to out-prank each other, but will it turn out well for everyone?

Biggie’s Shine Ya Eye’ House is fast becoming the ‘House of Pranks’. Following the one pulled by the men during the second day of the Live Launch, more have made an appearance in the House.

One of the first people to come up with her own is Maria, who teamed up with Saga, Emmanuel, Nini, Cross, Pere and Arin to prank their fellow Housemates. Boma and Sammie were unfortunately on the other end of this prank.

The Housemates gets the first brief

First House Task

The Shine Ya Eye Housemates got their first Brief of the Season from Biggie – and they’ve already hit the ground running. The Brief arrived early this afternoon and the Head of House, Peace did the honours of reading it out to the Housemates.

The task is the house must develop a musical theatrical drama in celebration of Nigeria which you will present on Friday night. The presentation is expected to cut across different tribes, showcasing Nigeria’s cultural diversity in all its richness and grandeur. All housemates must partake in the creative process and the eventual presentation of this task.

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