BBNaija 2021 Day 9 Highlight (Video)

As the 2021 Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season 6 reality show commences, we have made this post to give youΒ events that happened on day 6 of the Big Brother Naija house.

The highlight of Day 9 Show was first series of Nominations as some Housemates’ fates hangs in the balance; and in the hands of the voting audience.

Only two Housemates – the two previous Wildcards – were summoned to the Diary Room (Maria and Pere). They were told that they would each receive four nominations and that they would be the only Housemates nominating anybody. This, of course, offers them a huge advantage: they get to choose who is up for Nomination without having their votes diluted by those of the other Housemates, and they are virtually assured to avoid eviction at the next one.

On the other side, because no one else was allowed to nominate anyone, the nominated Housemates know who is to blame for their predicament. Maria and Pere don’t appear to be out of danger just yet. Beatrice, Jaypaul, Whitemoney, and… Jannis – that last one doesn’t exist in the House – are the Housemates who may thank Maria for their current position. She had no idea what his name was after more than a week. It’s no surprise he made the cut.

Beatrice, Yerins, Niyi, and Whitemoney are among Pere’s nominees. So, despite only the Wildcards voting, it turns out that Beatrice and Yerins were on the block. They must be overjoyed. Whitemoney β€” the Housemate Maria and Pere believed had the highest chance of identifying them as the Wildcards – was also nominated by Maria and Pere. They’ve clearly recognized a threat.

The nominations were Beatrice, Yerins, Jaypaul, Niyi, and Whitemoney. Boma was given the opportunity to utilize his position as Head of House to veto one of the Nominations and substitute it with another. Jaypaul was therefore spared, and Yousef was placed in his place. Except for Yousef, none of the other Housemates knows who voted for them. This will most likely be an unpleasant week.

Week 2 Head of House Games

The Shine Ya Eye Geng gave their all during the Head of House Games, but there can only be one winner.

Biggie punish Housemate for Disobedience

Disobeying Biggie and infringing on his rules comes at a price. Today the Shine Ya Eye Geng paid the price.

Keeping mum on the Wildcards

Whitemoney explains how he figured out Pere and Maria were the Wildcards and his reason for not giving them up.

Keeping options open

Whitemoney and Yousef talk about relationships – the complications they bring and the games people play. Is what’s really happening, here, the start of a BBNaija Bromance?

The game has officially begun

While preparing breakfast, Whitemoney has a conversation with Princess about how other Housemates influenced the Wildcard vote

The β€˜Bro code’

Cross and Boma discussing the Wildcard, girls, bro code and the possibility of Ships happening in the house.

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