BBNaija 2021 Diary Session for Week 4

The Diary Room session couldn’t have come at a better moment for them, as they had a lot on their minds. The Housemates discussed their current thoughts, the new nomination twist, and their feelings toward the new Head of House.

Maria appeared to be a capable leader who was most prepared for the post of Head of House, according to everyone. β€œSo far, so good,” Saga said of her. β€œShe seems like a good leader, and she has the heart of a good leader.” There were, however, some reservations about her.

Jackie B was concerned that her emotions were clouding her judgment. Cross was worried about her fury and thought that playing the character would enable her to relax. They all seemed happy that she was in control.

The Housemates are still unaware that there will be no nominations this week, so as part of the farce, they must impress Maria during the week, which most of them have already accepted.

Jackie stated that she despises kissing asses, but that if she has to, she will. Saga goes on to suggest that just to be on her good side, he will do a couple of favors. A few argued that they would only perform what was required of them and would not go above and beyond. Queen is one of these Housemates, but there’s more to her stance than meets the eye.

Because Queen and Maria haven’t been getting along, most of the Housemates mentioned her when asked who they think Maria will put up for eviction on Sunday. Queen was well aware of this, so it was no surprise that when asked the same question, she mentioned her name.

She agreed to do whatever work requested of her, but she had no intention of going the additional mile. Pere was another name that appeared on the list. Following the altercation during the Whisper Game, many Housemates agreed that Pere would most certainly be on Maria’s chopping block as a result of his actions.

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2 years ago

Yes I enjoyed the diary session yesterday

2 years ago

Wow they are doing well, so well I’m in love with Queen and I like Whitemoney so much because is a good guy post big brother post my message,pere,must go home next week