Team Love Wins BBNaija 2021 Storm Body Spray Task

Team Love  (Angel, Cross, Saskay, Whitemoney and Yousef) has emerged winner of the Storm Body Spray Task and have been rewarded with 1.5million naira that is 300,000 for each housemate.

Body odor is repulsive, and the Housemates were given the perfect job to emphasize the necessity of smelling good.

Feeling and smelling good is important to everyone, and the BBNaija Housemates were given the honor of bringing this concept to life with the Storm Body Spray Task.

The Housemates were divided into four equal teams for the challenge. A box with 16 envelopes with the words “THANK YOU” inscribed on them and another four with the word “STORM” was delivered to the House to split the Housemates.

Each Housemate had a turn picking one envelope from the box. Housemates who chose envelopes with the word “STORM” stood out from those who chose envelopes with the word “THANK YOU.”

BBNaija Storm Body Spray Task

Following that, the four Housemates with the STORM envelopes took turns picking Housemates with the THANK YOU envelopes to form their squad.
STORM envelopes were numbered one through four. As a result, STORM one chose a team member first, followed by STORM two, and so on.

That is …STORM picker one called a member.

  • STORM picker two called a member after STORM picker one
  • STORM Picker three called a member after STORM picker two
  • STORM picker four called a member after STORM picker three

The STORM pickers had five rounds to choose their team members, with each round consisting of one person. This continued until the Housemates were evenly divided into four groups, each with five team members.

BBNaija Storm Body Spray Task

Team White Horse

  • Jackie B
  • Maria
  • Pere
  • Saga
  • Sammie

Team Bull Power

  • Jaypaul
  • Liquorose
  • Nini
  • Peace
  • Queen

Team Love

  • Boma
  • Emmanuel
  • JMK
  • Micheal
  • Tega

Team Angel

  • Angel
  • Cross
  • Saskay
  • Whitemoney
  • Yousef.


Each team was given the task of creating and presenting a distinctive and engaging television ad with a fitting song or jingle. The commercial could not last more than five minutes and had to end with a catchy sentence promoting the Storm body spray brand’s brilliance.
The commercial was to show how the Storm body spray had a beneficial impact on the Housemates when compared to other perfumes.

Team Bull Power was the first to give their presentation, followed by Team Love. After that, Team White Horse finished in second, while Team Angel came in third. We’re sure you’re eager to see who wins this challenge. Don’t worry, if you stick around long enough, we’ll announce the winning team right here.

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2 years ago

Yousef all the way