BBNaija 2021 Eviction Sunday Diary Session Week 4

The Housemates have been vying for Maria’s favor for no apparent reason. Biggie has a reputation for being a bully.

Big Brother’s sense of humour is sickening. Imagine being told that the Head of House has sole authority to evict two persons of her choosing, and that she can make the decision based on any criteria she wants. How do you make sure you don’t fall out of the game? Do you put forth your best effort to impress the Head of House, knowing that she’ll probably just save her buddies in the end? Do you try to be perfect at everything and risk being perceived as a threat? You must be going insane from nerves.

This has been the Shine Ya Eye Housemates’ week — they’ve been continually attempting to impress Maria and wondering who she’ll put on the block. They didn’t know what we and Maria knew – that there would be no Evictions and that the entire week had been a complicated game designed to stress them out.

On Friday, Maria was told that she would have to name six Housemates as being in danger and advise them to pack their belongings in preparation for their impending Eviction. JMK, Angel, Pere, Yousef, Jaypaul, and Emmanuel were the Housemates in difficulty, according to her.

It’s difficult to tell from this distance, but we believe she was attempting to communicate the truth to her fellow Housemates. While her relationship with Pere has been rocky to say the least, his position on the list is odd – there is clearly a link between the two.

Maria is either trying to pick names that she thinks would forgive her for deceiving them, or she’s attempting to convince the Housemates that this isn’t a serious situation, because she wouldn’t mention Pere if it were. It would be a risk, but it wouldn’t be completely out of character — Maria has stated that she despises lying, so it would make sense if she tried to trick Big Brother by concealing a message in her acts.

Of course, it may just be that she’s noticed which way the wind is blowing — Pere has fallen out of favor with the Housemates since his tenure as Head of House did not go down well. Perhaps Maria merely wants to show the rest of the House that she is one of them, and to make them believe she isn’t coupled with Pere and all of the terrible connotations that entails. “The fact that Pere is on the list implies that this isn’t personal,” Peace and Angel explained.

But, if that was her aim, it definitely didn’t succeed, as the six Housemates were convinced they were on the verge of being evicted. The presumably nominated Housemates had a lot to say during their Diary Sessions coming up to the Live Show.

“I’m sad that I’m up for Eviction,” said JMK, who mentioned that she mentally had to prepare herself for things like this. As to why she was on Maria’s list, she said she was probably her lest favourite person, so it was expected. “I was hoping there would be a form of togetherness,” JMK went on to say, but she wasted no time in saying that she would put Nini in her place if she could.

“I woke up feeling excited… until the list was called,” said Emmanuel, who went on to say that he had been lost in thought since. When asked why he thought I was on the list, he said, “honestly, I don’t know. I’ve been thinking so hard… it’s just tough.” Despite being friends, he said he would replace himself with Saga, because it’s a game. “I see him as competition.”

Angel, despite thinking she was going to be Evicted, said, “I feel great.   Thanks for asking!” As to why she was selected, she said, “I have no idea, actually.”  She said that she would replace herself with… “I don’t know.” When prompted to properly answer the question, she finally caved and said, “Queen. I haven’t really gotten along with her yet, so she’s probably the safest option.”

Jaypaul confessed to feeling a bit nervous. “It’s just a reminder that it’s a game.” As to why he was selected, he claimed that “it was a bit surprising.  She had to do what she had to do.  I don’t blame her.” Like Emmanuel, Jaypaul said he would replace himself with Saga, if he could, because he “didn’t put in enough work.”

I’m feeling pretty good,” said Yousef, and then went on to say a lot of things without communicating anything at all, because Yousef is known for speaking more than he needs to.  Honestly, he talks a lot. He was also willing to throw Saga under the bus in his place, because he saw him as competition. Then, in typically Yousef fashion, he changed his mind and selected Queen. It took a while for him to say this, though.  Eventually, Big Brother kicked him out of the Diary Room, in order to get some silence.

Pere said he would replace himself with the person who put him in that position – Maria, forgetting that the Head of House is immune from Nomination.  He then revised his choice to Boma, for reasons of, “I don’t know.” It wasn’t the most illuminating of Diary Sessions.

The Housemates have yet to find out that they are all, in fact, safe from Eviction, this week. It remains to be seen how they will feel about being misled.

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