Winner of BBNaija 2021 Tecno Task for Week 4 (Team Xclusive, Xceptional and Xcellent)

The BBNaija Housemates are up against another difficult yet thrilling task this time, which is sponsored by Tecno Mobile.

We’ve seen what they can do with their theatrical and musical abilities, but we’re still waiting to see if the Shine Ya Eye geng can also handle technology. This is how the task is to be carried out.

Bbnaija Tecno Task Winners


The house will be divided into four teams for today’s task. The names of the teams are shown in a box. Each Housemate will take a turn picking a card from the box, as is customary. Housemates that chose the same team names will work together for the duration of the challenge.

The first half of your assignment for today is all about the Tecno teaser games, which will include two fascinating games: “The X-Rush” and “Word Unscrambler.”

Each Housemate receives Tecno Brand Information Materials in advance of the games. Before proceeding to the Arena, you must carefully analyze the material as a group.

Bbnaija Tecno Task Winners

Biggie announced Team Xclusive, Xceptional and Xcellent as winner of the tecno task for week 4. Congratulations to them!

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2 years ago

Congrats to u all