BBNaija 2021 – The Funny Court Session with the Housemates

Housemates settle a potentially disastrous situation with a tumultuous court hearing.

The β€˜Shine Ya Eye’ geng had a great time yesterday at the fashion exhibition that they organized.

At the conclusion of the day, Jackie B won the female category, while Boma and Saga tied for first place in the male category. Boma won a fast β€œfirst to answer” round of questions that broke the tie.

Saga, on the other hand, stated today that the judges had made a mistake in handing the victory to Boma. When Nigeria became a republic was one of the issues that broke the tie.

Saga had given the right year of 1963, whereas Boma had given the year 1964. Moving through the questions fast, according to Yerins, one of the judges, caused them to make the mistake. This resulted in a humorous disaster, and a fake trial was put up before you could say jack.

Saga was the plaintiff, with Nini filling in for him as his lawyer, while Boma was the defendant, with Peace filling in for him as his lawyer. The courtroom was set up in an American format, with Niyi serving as Judge and Whitemoney presiding over a jury.

BBNaija 2021 Housemates

The lawyers for both the plaintiff and defendant made a convincing argument on behalf of their clients during the court hearing, which was fraught with interruptions. The Judges were asked to describe what had transpired the night before during the hearings. The last judge to speak was Yerins, who apologized for the mix-up, blaming himself and his co-judges.

The jury was given a brief pause to make their judgment, and at the conclusion of the session, Whitemoney revealed that the jurors had reached the opinion that Saga should have taken the fashion show judges to court, not Boma, because he had no involvement in the error. The jury then fined the judges 200 Abeg Naira, which was supposed to be handed to Saga for robbing him of the lucrative prize that came with winning the fashion show.

…and with that, today’s court hearings came to a close. Whew! What an eventful day.

The Housemates certainly kept us engaged, and we anxiously anticipate more fantastic material from them.

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Paeshie Mbirwa
Paeshie Mbirwa
2 years ago

Wow white money is a great guy and saga had to take the victory to court