BBNaija 2021 Week 1 Darling Task for Season 6 Housemates

The Darling Salon is open, and not only do the Housemates get to discover their inner beauty, but they may also earn points.

The Shine Ya Eye Geng is competing in the Darling β€˜Find Your Beautiful’ contest to see who can rack up the most points and win millions of Naira.

Yousef, the Deputy Head of House, announced the contest this morning as he read the Darling brief, saying female Housemates who interact with Darling Haircare products the most and maintain their hair properly will be awarded weekly points and have a chance to win 2.5 million naira at the end of the show. All the boys have to do is help out in the salon to earn weekly points and be entered to win the main prize of 1.5 million naira at the conclusion of the show.

BBNaija 2021 Darling Task Season 6

The Shine Ya Eye Geng arrived to the salon for the first time in the House, and they all appeared ready to start to work. Not only were they driven by the monetary reward, but they also appeared to be interested in changing their appearance or, more accurately, discovering their true beauty. They didn’t waste any time going over the haircare items and video instructions that were made accessible to them before deciding on the styles they’d be presenting.

It was time to get down to business, and the Housemates didn’t hesitate to ask each other for assistance. They needed all the aid they could get to appear as beautiful as they desired. Housemates brainstormed what they excelled at and how they might assist the next Housemate. Cross listed his employment experience and added, “I have two sisters and I am fairly familiar with hair making.” Not sure whether it was enough to persuade any of the Housemates to let him do their hair, but he was eager to learn alongside Saga and Sammie.

With the Live Show coming up in a few minutes, Darling opened the Salon just in time to offer the Housemates a chance to spruce up their appearances for the evening.

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