BBNaija 2021 Week 1 Vote Result – Sunday Eviction Live Show

Today’s first Sunday live eviction show for 2021 housemates was centered on the two wildcards (fake housemates) and how the rest housemates went on trying to figure them out.

Earlier today, Big Brother called each of the housemates except the head of house (Peace) into the diary room to vote the two fake housemates are among them. Recall that Big Brother introduced two fake housemates into the show and the housemates were required to figure them out. If the housemates guess correctly, the two wildcards will be evicted from the show. However, if the housemates fail to identify the 2 wildcards, both housemates will remain in the show and have a special nomination privilege on Monday.

Here is the Result of the Wildcard nomination.

Big Brother called out the results which showed that the housemates voted Jaypaul and Liquorose as the two fake housemates with both having 10 votes each. The housemates failed to nominate the two correct wildcards (Maria and Pere) and will both remain in the show and compete for the 90-million-naira grand prize and they will also have nomination edge over the rest housemates which will be revealed after the head of house game on Monday.

  • Angel voted Jaypaul and Liquorose
  • Arin voted Jaypaul and Liquorose
  • Beatrice voted Arin Beatrice, Jaypaul and Yerins
  • Boma voted Beatrice and Jaypaul
  • Cross voted Jaypaul and Liquorose
  • Emmanuel voted Jaypaul and Liquorose
  • Jackie B voted Jaypaul and Liquorose
  • Jaypaul voted Beatrice and Emmanuel
  • Liquorose voted Beatrice and Yerins
  • Maria voted Jaypaul and Liquorose
  • Nini voted Jaypaul and Liquorose
  • Niyi voted Liquorose and Jaypaul
  • Peace voted Jaypaul and Liquorose
  • Pere voted Jaypaul and Liquorose
  • Princess voted Beatrice and Yerins
  • Saga voted Jaypaul and Liquorose
  • Sammie voted Beatrice
  • Saskay voted Liquorose and Yerins
  • Tega voted Saskay and Emmanuel
  • Whitemoney votedΒ Niyi and Liquorose
  • Yerins voted Princess and Yousef
  • Yousef voted Beatrice and Jaypaul

Week 1 Wildcards Vote Results

  • Liquorose: 10
  • Jaypaul: 10
  • Beatrice: 7
  • Yerins: 6
  • Emmanuel: 2
  • Princess: 1
  • Yousef: 1
  • Saskay: 1
  • Niyi: 1
  • Arin: 1
  • Everybody else: 0

The housemates were stunned and applauded Maria and Pere for perfectly playing their role after the host of the Sunday live eviction show Ebuka Obi-Uchendu revealed their identity of the wildcards.

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2 years ago

I can bet money to anyone dat whitemoney is for d money, if you no d see can’t you hear!

Sylvia Neshunga
Sylvia Neshunga
2 years ago

Yerins for de money

2 years ago

They have join the housemate

Ajewole John
Ajewole John
2 years ago

White money voted Pere and Liquorose