BBNaija 2021 Week 3 Diary Session with Big Brother

It wasn’t only people they didn’t get along with; when the Housemates submitted their nominations, a few additional factors came into play.

Although some of the Housemates are upset about having to nominate one another for eviction, they understand that it is a duty that must be completed anyway. The Housemates detailed their reasons for the Nominations they made during their session with Biggie in the Diary Room.

Clique wars

Interestingly, Boma claimed that there was a war of cliques in the House, and that this had a big influence on the Nominations. He mentioned the Musketeers on one side, with Arin, Nini, Peace, and Saga, and Tega and Princess on the other. This notion was backed up by Jaypaul and Whitemoney, who claimed they were going for each other and ended up putting each other up for eviction.


For Liquorose, the strength of their Arin and Nini as a clique had become a threat, therefore she decided it was in her best interests to Nominate them. Princess nominated both Saga and Arin in the same vein. Whitemoney and Nini made Saskay feel intimidated. She viewed them as a major competitor and took the necessary precautions.

No connection

Not all of the Housemates have that special tie, or any bond at all, and Arin’s lack of bond or connection was one of the reasons she put Emmanuel up. Emmanuel and Princess were also nominated by Angel and Nini for the same reasons. Cross felt compelled to nominate Princess and Tega due to his inability to connect with them. Princess was a problem for both Boma and Peace. Jackie B claimed she didn’t get along with Saga and Nini and chose to put them both up because they like spending time together. It was pointless to separate them from being Nominated together.

Trust issues or payback?

Jaypaul couldn’t bring himself to trust Maria after the wildcard episode, and he reveals why he Nominated her. He also put up Peace for the same purpose. He holds her responsible for him being chosen as the Wildcard by the House. It didn’t help that she continued smiling at him while trying to persuade the other Housemates to put him up. It was for his own safety that he nominated her. He couldn’t rely on her to protect him.

The vibe just isn’t right

Maria nominated Arin because she believes she wasn’t being completely honest with her cause, and she wasn’t being completely honest with her. β€œI don’t believe her feelings for me aren’t genuine… “I just like her vibe,” she explained. This was also Emmanuel’s reasoning for Nominating Arin, but for Angel, he thought she was merely a distraction, while Maria believed Angel didn’t understand boundaries and pretended to be lovely.

Tega is viewed similarly by Peace and Arin. Peace stated that Tega was constantly dictatorial and never apologized, whilst Arin viewed Tega as combative and with erratic energy. Tega, on the other hand, finds Arin vexing, which is why she nominated her alongside Nini.

Save and Replace

Pere had no resentment against Saskay for saving Saga and replacing him. He didn’t think she was a strong contender, which is why he didn’t nominate her earlier. Boma didn’t think she was intellectually strong or capable of being in the House, which is why he nominated her.

The newbies

They were able to enjoy themselves because they were unable to nominate anyone. They did go to the Diary Room for the first time to discuss their impressions on the House. JMK enjoyed her time in the House, but she sensed discord. She believes the Housemates formed groups with those with whom they had stronger relationships. When Kayvee approached Biggie with his request, he was more preoccupied with items he needed to get by in the House. Michael expressed his desire to progress in the House, as well as a wish for more music. Queen discussed the importance of bonding with the other Housemates.

It’s the Housemates’ second Nomination, and they’re starting to get used to the procedure. They are now aware of the stakes. It is necessary to nominate someone. It may be them or a different Housemate.


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