BBNaija 2021 Week 7 Diary Session

Housemates open up to Biggie about their well-being, evictions, and their plan if Biggie flips a switch during the voting process. In today’s Diary Sessions, Biggie had a really engaging session with the Housemates. During Nominations and Evictions, he talked to them about their coping techniques. How they’re getting along with their new pets and how they’d play the game if Biggie modified the rules so that the Housemates, rather than the viewers, choose the show’s winner.

How they are faring with their pets

When it came to dealing with their goldfish, all of the Housemates gave positive replies. Whitemoney’s goldfish arrived at a happy period in his life. As a result, he gave his fish the name Obianuju. Yousef named his fish Nemo after the animated film “Finding Nemo,” which reminds him of his childhood when he was carefree.

Jaypaul admitted that he was first apprehensive about caring for his new pet, but that he is getting the hang of it owing to the guidebook. Because the stripes on his fish’s body remind him of a fighter, he named her Athena, after the Greek goddess of war. Saskay admitted to Biggie that she was distraught when she received her pet, but she couldn’t explain why. She named her pet fish Teka, which is a name she received from a novel she read a few years ago and means “Destiny’s Friend.” Teka and Saskay appear to be one member short of completing the Destiny’s Child trio.

Their coping mechanism

Nomination and eviction nights can be emotionally draining, so Biggy wanted to know how they deal with the highs and lows of these pivotal occasions. When uncomfortable situations arose, Queen said her coping strategy was to push serenity through. This is a technique she picked up outside of the House when dealing with anxiety-provoking situations. Nini explained that she copes with Nominations and Evictions by preparing herself before entering the House with the mindset that it’s fine to be Nominated and leave at any time.

Cross explained to Biggie that he handles nominations and evictions in different ways. He sleeps off the wrath he feels from being Nominated during Nominations, and he feels happy again. Cross says he lets nature take its course when it comes to evictions and doesn’t try to halt the natural emotions that accompany such a situation. Jackie B, for one, said she expects Nominations and Evictions, so it doesn’t come as a surprise when they happen. Angel takes a religious approach to dealing with evictions and emotions, telling Biggie that she prays and sings to get through them.

How they will play the game if Biggie changes the rules

If the Housemates chose the winner instead of the viewers, Saga claimed he would attempt to be a lot kinder to people and would try not to be overly competitive in games. Former HoH Liquorose stated that she would be more savvy in ensuring that her fellow Housemates saw a cause to vote for her as the season’s winner. Emmanuel, the current HoH, has stated that he will not change anything about himself and will remain the same.

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