BBNaija 2021 Week 7 Diary Session

The Housemates chimed in on who of their other Housemates would have their back during today’s Diary Sessions.

Biggie asked the Housemates a several questions during tonight’s Diary Sessions, but the one that has everyone talking is, “Which of your fellow Housemates do you think will have your back?”

Cross had a lot to say and one of the things he said was that the only person he feels he can trust is himself, which is an excellent mindset to have when playing a game like this. He also spent a lot of time talking about how much he admires Queen, how gorgeous she is, how lovely she is, how strong she is. He mentioned how she likes Whitemoney, but that Whitemoney is attracted to Jackie B, who, unfortunately for Whitemoney, isn’t attracted to him.

Cross admitted that despite only trusting himself, he has become close to Pere, however he isn’t sure if Pere is following a script. Saga reiterated this opinion, saying that Pere is his best buddy, yet he doesn’t completely trust him. Saga clearly has his own meaning of the word “best buddy.”

Pere, for one, believed that Yousef would be on his side. β€œWe have a high regard and respect for one another.” Yousef also stated that he believes Pere has his back, but that he does not β€œ100% trust him.” Inside, he’s a lion.”

Jackie B, on the other hand, came out and said she had trust issues. β€œAt the end of the day, each man is responsible for himself.” Cross, she did remark, was someone she could rely on. Cross. Isn’t it Saga? Interesting.

Emmanuel definitely assumed Liquorose would be on his side, which is very likely correct. He also believed Whitemoney would, though he added, “I hope I’m not mistaken.” He went on to explain that have a “brotherly” bond with Whitemoney.

Saga is the only person Nini trusts in the House now that Peace and Arin have left. β€œPeople keep saying things like, ‘Saga likes you,’ and Pere is like ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ I don’t give a damn what people say. With me, Saga is selfless.” A selfless buddy is unquestionably precious.

Despite her disagreements with Whitemoney, Queen remains confident that he will protect her. β€œHe’s been my best friend since I arrived.” Nini and Saga, she added, have always been honest with her, telling her that she may talk to them if she has any issues.

When asked who she felt would protect her, Liquorose pondered for a moment before responding, “Emmanuel, Whitemoney… maybe Pere.” That’s OK, but we’re surprised she needed to consider it before recommending Emmanuel. That was something we expected to hear about right away. Maybe Liquorose is just a considerate lady. What are the chances?

Whitemoney was the last individual to take his Diary Session. β€œEveryone except Pere,” Whitemoney answered when asked which of his Housemates would have his back. But who knows, maybe even him.” He justified this by claiming that his energy is “good.”

After seven weeks, all of the Housemates believe that there is at least one person in the House who will always have their back. Sure, it’s a competition, but it’s a different kind of competitiveness. This is why shining your eye is the only way to get through this.

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