BBNaija 2021 Week 7 Diary Session

The BBNaija Housemates had an eye-opening Diary Session today, dishing out a mixture of emotions, thoughts, and requests to Biggie.

How are the BBNaija Housemates feeling?

In the BBNaija House, a storm of feelings and emotions is brewing. Liquorose, who is up for eviction for the first time, is upbeat, but her heart is racing a little faster this week. β€œI’m hoping for the best since I don’t think I’m ready to leave the house right now.” Saga is in good spirits, but he has a sneaking suspicion that he will be nominated next week because of Nini. He replied, “We seem to be the center of attraction in the House.”

Angel was depressed because she felt as if she was grieving for her evicted partner Sammie. Today, the new Heads of House were in high spirits. Jackie B is grateful and pleased of herself, and Jaypaul couldn’t believe he made it. Since Biggie gifted the Housemates musical instruments last night, Cross is looking forward to a ‘gbas gbos week,’ while Whitemoney has had the best day ever in the House. β€œChai! I’m in good spirits. β€œI’m in awe,” he exclaimed.

The musical gifts from Big Brother

The Housemates were surprised the other day when they were handed a keyboard and guitar to keep them engaged and entertained. The strings are vibrating with enthusiasm in the House, and everyone notices the difference. Peace has been freestyling and thinks the instruments are a wonderful addition to the House, so she is learning to play them. β€œI asked Jaypaul to teach me how to play the guitar, and Michael would teach me how to play the piano.”

Saskay is ecstatic about a smash she scored with Pere and Whitemoney earlier today. Cross stated that he will seek vocal training as a result of the confidence he has gained from his Housemates. Jaypaul enjoys hearing and playing music because it reminds him of the things he misses the most. β€œThank you, Big Brother, for saving us from boredom.”

Head of House game experience

This week’s Head of House game was unique, and it undoubtedly came with a twist – a slimy one. The prevailing mood was one of anticipation for a fresh and unique HoH game, while some were disgusted by the obstacles. Nini, who is a very selective eater, was unprepared for the task. β€œJust seeing the difficulty and what we had to achieve made me almost cry.”

Nini’s bestie, Saga, said that the whole thing made him uncomfortable. He remarked, “I don’t like dirt, blood, or slime, and hearing there was an egg in the cup was irritating to me.” Cross struggled mightily in the game, and luck was not on his favour once more. β€œ. I reasoned that if Boma and Jaypaul had done it, what was stopping me? But, if it isn’t your day, I guess it isn’t your day,” he concluded.


Emmanuel appreciates his time in the House. β€œIt doesn’t matter to me whether I leave or stay. I’m simply trying to retain a positive attitude,” he explained. Pere is also hopeful about this week’s intentions to keep his focus on the game and avoid distractions. After being Nominated last week, Cross is feeling much better today. β€œI intend to have a nice time till Sunday arrives once more. β€œLet’s have the best week ever again!” I’m thinking.

Whitemoney’s current slogan is “no nervousness, no tension,” as he believes that even though he is up for eviction, the goal was to get into the BBNaija House, and if he is evicted right now, he will “make Biggie so proud.”

Who would you Evict?

The Housemates had a few names to give of other Housemates they would Evict this week, despite the fact that everyone save the Heads of House is up for eviction this week. Tega, Boma, Angel, Liquorose, Emmanuel, Peace, Yousef, Saga, Nini, Whitemoney, and Michael are among the Housemates that the housemates said they will evict for various reasons.

Saga stated that he will Evict Boma because he is so sure of his strategy and believes he is the Okro king, despite the fact that he is a buddy. Nini and Peace would be evicted, according to Tega, because she doesn’t know if one could survive without the other. Peace would likewise be evicted by Emmanuel. β€œWe didn’t really connect,” he continued, β€œand I believe she’s putting on a show for the purpose of the game.”

Sunday’s evictions

The BBNaija Housemates were given a wake-up call on Sunday as Maria, JMK, and Sammie were evicted for good. They’re all taken aback when they saw Maria, who appeared to have a colossal personality, evicted from the show. This was a turning point in the game, where I realized that anything can happen.

Maria’s close friend Peace was confident that she was not going away. She recalled, “I was even urging her to wear the blue outfit like she wasn’t going anywhere.” Yousef was surprised as well, and he was not prepared to say goodbye to his new buddies Sammie and JMK. β€œI was astonished, but we have to be ready for this at some point,” he remarked.

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