BBNaija 2023 Housemates Lose Week 8 Wager Presentation

BBNaija 2023 Housemates Lose Week 8 Wager Presentation

Following a two-hour-long showcase of what the All Stars referred to as the innovative sports they had devised, Biggie delivered the disheartening news that the housemates had failed their wager. As stated at the beginning of the week, their challenge had been to invent a minimum of four new sports inspired by games from their childhood.

Pre-wager Preparation

Immediately after completing their HFM task, some of the housemates gathered in the lounge to rehearse for their wager, while others took advantage of the opportunity to catch a brief nap. Cross and Venita diligently practiced their spectator lines, while Angel and Mercy Eke decided to grab a quick nap before the show.

Wager Presentation

Before the commencement of the wager, the housemates were introduced to their panel of judges for the evening. The judging panel consisted of Ahneeka from the Double Wahala Season, Hermes from the Level Up Season, and Queen from the Shine Ya Eye season. The housemates then commenced their presentation with an opening address from Venita, who played the role of the spectator for the evening. The housemates delivered their sports presentation in an Olympic-style format, complete with an elaborate opening and closing ceremony. Afterward, the judges were invited to provide their comments and assign scores.

Ahneeka awarded the housemates four points, while Hermes awarded three points. Queen, the final judge, was the most generous, awarding a score of five points. Unfortunately for the housemates, Biggie proved less lenient than the judges. He announced to the housemates that they had failed to adhere to the wager brief, which required them to create entirely new sports activities inspired by childhood games. Instead, they had modified existing games, resulting in the loss of their wager.

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