BBNaija Beatrice Furiously Storms Out of Thursday Task Preparation

The Housemates can’t handle the heat as the first Task presentation is unraveling the tension in the House.

Liquorose shared the plot she and other Housemates had put together to aid their Task preparation during today’s brainstorming session. Her performance wowed the Housemates, who requested she narrate on Presentation Night. Liquorose had no qualms about being both a dance choreographer and a storyteller.

The serenity did not last long, however, for when Sammie took over the staff and went into casting, the House descended into chaos, with Housemates talking over one another.

With her favorite cry, “One House!” our HoH, Peace, stepped in to calm the Housemates. However, although soothing the Housemates and encouraging them to take turns speaking, the cross-talking continued, leaving Beatrice feeling invisible and unheard when she raised her hand to speak.

Beatrice rushed out of the brainstorming session in rage, making Peace furious. When Maria and Angel rose up to go get Beatrice, Peace urged them to have a seat. β€œWhat is her name? She must go if she wants to go. Leave her alone. She made her decision”, she said.

Beatrice reappeared soon after, expressing her dissatisfaction with the prejudice she encounters when she attempts to contribute to the brainstorming sessions. β€œEvery time I raise my hand and attempt to contribute to what we’re doing, you ignore me. You don’t say anything when people interrupt me, but when I say anything, you tell me to put my hand down or remain quiet. β€œIt’s unjust,” Beatrice expressed her dissatisfaction.

Despite the fact that emotions were running high, Beatrice apologized and the two had a loving hug, as the rest of the House applauded them for putting an end to the feud.

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Baindu Gborie
Baindu Gborie
2 years ago

My people shine your eye πŸ‘well well ooh

2 years ago