BBNaija First Diary Session for 2021 Shine Ya Eye Housemates

The first set of Diary Sessions for this Season of Big Brother took place today, and the vibes are still upbeat, if the Housemates’ remarks are any indication. While virtually all of the Housemates recognized that it is still early in the game, there were practically no harsh comments about anyone – yes, we said “almost.”

Maria made a point of saying that β€œthe boys are extremely nice” and that she feels β€œpretty comfortable with them,” which was rather unexpected given that she had a furious argument with Whitemoney. We assume she’s not the kind to take things personally, which is probably a good thing given the weeks ahead of her.

Whitemoney, for his part, believes the Housemates gravitate toward him because he has qualities people like, which is a strong statement from someone who has only been in the House for two days – but he has been more than handy in the culinary area, so he may be onto something.

Many of the Housemates were overjoyed to be granted the opportunity to appear on the show. Yerins called it a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, while Saga said he is “very glad to be here.”

Saga had a lot to say on a lot of things, including the men being guys with skill, guts, and drive, the ladies being “great chicks,” and his two hours of “simply misbehaving” on his first night in the House, which he ended by telling himself he needed to get it together.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Maria, according to Tega, is a pain in the β€œderriΓ¨re” – but she isn’t French, so she didn’t say it precisely that way. Meanwhile, Saga didn’t think Sammie’s comments about his problems was fully genuine – “that’s his technique, or his strategy.” β€œIt has been utilized several times.”

There was also a lot of discussion regarding the Housemates’ two weeks in utter seclusion prior to joining the Big Brother House. The majority of them described it as “hard,” which is probably an understatement. β€œI felt tortured,” Maria remarked, which is exactly how we would expect it to be described. Beatrice’s sincere input was, “It was tough, Biggie.”

Despite acknowledging that it was difficult spending two weeks in isolation before the show, several of the Housemates believe the hardship resulted in beneficial outcomes. β€œBig Brother, that experience was fantastic,” Princess remarked. That approach led to my self-discovery.”

Many of the Housemates, like Liquorose and Cross, stated they spent the time by reading their Bibles, but Niyi went a step further and opted to preach to the cleaner during their brief encounters.

Who took home the prize for the most obvious statement of the day? That honor must go to Emmanuel, whose succinct summary of his time in isolation was, “it was extremely dull.”

Not everyone was ecstatic. Yousef’s demeanor drew Biggie’s notice as he was sat down for his session, and he stated the Housemate appeared anxious.

β€œThat is correct, Big Brother. I’m still attempting to reach out to the House. I have a new feeling.”

He expressed his hope that his approach, “being from the North, praying, and all of that,” would not make the Housemates uncomfortable.

Biggie said, “Take a deep breath.” β€œPeople of diverse backgrounds were intentionally picked. You are all visitors. You are all equal. Your views should be acknowledged and, in certain circumstances, celebrated.”

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