BBNaija Head of House Pere Replaces Whitemoney’s Kitchen Role

Pere has chosen a new Kitchen Cabinet to take over important kitchen business in order to break the “kitchen monopoly.”

Pere has finally taken over the kitchen from Whitemoney in what appears to be a significant power play. There was no need for a single Housemate to have a stranglehold on the kitchen, according to him, and it was only fair that other Housemates take turns cooking. He also believes that this will relieve Whitemoney of some of his responsibilities.

The kitchen takeover did not occur out of nowhere. Pere and his Deputy, Maria, have been putting in long hours on this. Both were spotted attempting to persuade other Housemates that it is past time for Whitemoney to relinquish control of the kitchen.

The first task was to persuade people that this change was required, and the second was to locate a successor. Pere had already attempted to persuade Princess to take over, but he had not received the desired response.

BBNaija Kitchen Monopoly

Pere stated that he desired less monopoly in the kitchen, but it was apparent from his talks with Maria that he suspected Whitemoney of monopolizing the kitchen as a tactic to gain favor with the Housemates. Whitemoney’s game plan, he thought, was to have the Housemates wrapped around his culinary fingers so he could extend his relevance in the House.

Regrettably, he does not believe the Housemates are aware of this. Maria echoed his worries, albeit her resentment of Whitemoney stemmed from personal conflicts as well.

Whitemoney was well aware of their motivations as well. He was confident Pere and Maria were out to get him, especially after the Wildcard disaster, when Whitmoney figured out who they were. โ€œThey knew I was on to them, but I chose not to tell the other Housemates because I wanted us all to have another week together,โ€ Whitemoney explained.

Pere raised his worries about the kitchen monopoly to the rest of the Housemates after handing the Housemates their Abeg Naira prizes. He claimed he was giving Whitemoney a break after operating the kitchen for over three weeks, but he underlined that a kitchen monopoly provides power to one person at the expense of others, and that it was time to shake things up. He requested Angel, JMK, Jaypaul, Princess, and Tega to take over instead of putting the choice to a vote. In effect, this will be the new Cabinet in control of the kitchen. He said that things could return to the status quo after his tenure as HoH was over, but for the rest of the week, this is how things will be done.

BBN Kitchen 3

There was a lot more going on in the kitchen than normal because new Housemates were in charge of cooking. First, there was a lot more activity in the kitchen, with most Housemates attempting to help the new Housemates in charge.

Whitemoney, on the other hand, appeared to be unwinding, even as he continued to provide helpful cooking advice to the Housemates.

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Betty Marvin
Betty Marvin
2 years ago

I will be heart broken to see Tega out. She is funny and useful in the house too. I will rather see Nini out if that’s the situation.

I pray something dramatic happens to save Tega from going.