BBNaija Housemates Diary Session for Week 6 As Biggie Returns

Biggie’s return meant the Diary Room Session was about the mistakes the Big Brother Housemates made while he was away. Biggie’s return to the House has been filled with fireworks and his first Diary Session back was even more so. Here’s what the Housemates had to say when they got a chance to talk to the big boss again.


The filmmaker shared with Biggie that he is shocked to still be in the House. Trikytee also mentioned that he doesnt think anyone has found love in the House because from what he has seen love must be tested and that will only happen after the Housemates leave Big Brother.


Prince told Biggie that his voting strategy for Evictions was he chose people who weren’t close to him. His votes were cast for Trikytee and Praise so that Vee and Wathoni could continue their Big Brother journey.

Prince Diary Session


After telling Biggie how much he was missed by him, Laycon said that he was feeling good about his week. He also told Biggie that his Eviction votes went to Trikytee and Wathoni because he felt emotionally closer to Praise and Vee.


Lucy shared with Biggie that she is happy to still be around and taking every single day as it comes in the Big Brother House. She also voiced her concern with group Wagers as they often were lost due to issues arising from other team members and not her.


After sharing that she had a very emotional night after saying goodbye to Praise, Dorathy told Big Brother that she is feeling better now. She also mentioned that her selections for Eviction were Trikytee and Vee because she regards them a competition.


After sharing with Biggie how excited he is to be trying painting, Brighto mentioned that he was feeling good. He also said that going forward he would caution his fellow Housemates to avoid losing any more Wagers.

Brighto Diary Session



Nengi shared with Biggie that she would try to be the best version of herself to help her fellow Housemates not lose any more Wagers. As far as matters of the heart go, Nengi believes that Vee has found love in the House.


After surviving her Eviction Nomination, Vee shared with Biggie that she was still feeling awful after having her fate sit in the hands of her fellow Housemates. While discussing the lost Wager’s issues, Vee shared that she believes the reason for it was some Housemates inability to follow rules.


The reigning Head of House let Biggie know that his Eviction Votes were directed towards Praise and Vee. Kiddwaya said that he chose Vee because he felt that she was not independent enough of Neo. His reason for picking Praise was that they were not on the same level, and when Praise would make jokes, they often hurt and not humoured the Housemates he made them about.

Kiddwaya Diary Session


After sharing that he is always grateful, Neo mentioned that his mother was going to be the subject of his Wager painting. Neo also mentioned that he feels the Housemates need to work on themselves and this is the reason they have been losing their Wagers of late.


After sharing that she is joyous as she has not had to stand for an Eviction as yet, Erica told Biggie that she is not looking for love in the House. Erica also said that her Eviction votes went to Vee and Wathoni because she feels that they would have voted for her if the tables were reversed.

Erica Diary Session


Oze shared with Biggie that he is taking every new week in the House as a new start. On the topic of Eviction Votes, Ozo voted for Praise and Trikytee to go. The reasoning was that he considers Vee a friend and he felt that illness didn’t allow Wathoni the opportunity to show her best self over the past week.


Tolanibaj told Biggie that this week she was going to remind the Housemates to do the right thing to avoid Strikes and Wager losses. She said that her Eviction votes went to Vee and Praise. She chose Vee because she knew the other Housemates wouldn’t Vote for her so she was safe, and Praise had to go because she would much rather have Trikytee and Wathoni stick around.

Tolanibaj Diary Session


After sharing that standing for Eviction the last two weeks had taken a toll on her, Wathoni told Biggie she still feels good. On the topic of love, she let it slip that she feels that Vee and Neo may have found love in the House but all the others who are shipping might not be as lucky.

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Olushola Charles
Olushola Charles
3 years ago

Biggie came with a sticker scoring skill today