Laycon, Nengi and Vee Wins BBNaija Johnnie Walker Wager Task (September 1)

Today the Housemates received a task from Johnnie Walker. Johnnie Walker is the most widely distributed blend of Scotch Whiskey in the world and today and for sure the Housemates were in for an engaging Task. The Housemates were divided into teams based on four of the favourite Johnnie Walker brands in order to compete for a grand prize.

The Teams

  • Team Red Label: Lucy and Prince
  • Team Black Label: Kiddwaya, Erica and Trickytee
  • Team White Walker: Dorathy, Ozo and Neo
  • Team Gold Label: Vee, Laycon, Nengi

The Task

Today’s Task was split into three. The winning team would have to acquire the most points across all three stages of their Wager. For the first part, the Housemates were to watch a video based on the history of Johnnie Walker to answer a quiz.

The second part was to paint the standing man assigned to each team. Once done with the second task the Housemates would find out their third task.

BBNaija Johnnie Walker

The Housemates were visibly excited to be doing a Johnnie Walker Task today as they danced out of the storeroom, pulling their suitcases behind them. We must say, the jumpsuits looked fresh on the Housemates as we awaited their Task performance and presentation.

The lockdown Geng had a chance to represent their favourite brands of Johnnie Walker in a bid to complete the day’s Task. The Task which was divided into three activities saw the Housemates competing against each other in four different teams to garner the most points.

The Whiskey Wisdom Quiz Game

The first activity the Housemates faced was the Whiskey Wisdom quiz game. After watching a video with all the information needed for the quiz, the Housemates were given 30 minutes to process the information before proceeding to the Arena to test their knowledge on the newly acquired information. A total of 20 questions were asked.

To answer each question, a member of the team had to display a flashcard with the option selected. They were not allowed to change their answers. Each right answer was worth one point.

Halfway through the game, due to suspected malpractices, Biggie had to revise how the teams displayed their answers. Instead of holding the flashcards with the answer above their heads, they were asked to hold it to their chest.

Johnnie Walker Quiz Task

The Striding Man Painting Challenge.

Once done with the quiz, the Housemates moved to the next activity which was to paint the Johnnie Walker Striding Man. Having worked on a paper drawing as they prepared for the Task, the Housemates were faced with the real deal as they took on painting the statue.

It wasn’t a simple Task but team effort made it a lot easier. With each teammate taking a particular painting role, they raced to beat the time of 90 minutes that had been set for completion.

BBNAija Johnnie Walker Task

The inspiration behind the paintings

Once done with the painting, each team was given five minutes to share their inspiration for the colours the picked for their statues. Team Red Label said the colours they picked reflected where Johnnie Walker was from and also the time he came from.

Each clothing item represented how fashionable he was. Team Black Label celebrated the iconic brand by showcasing everything the brand represents and also the flamboyant and elegant style of Johnnie Walker.

Team White Walker said they wanted the showcase the hierarchy of the brand labels and the different variants. Finally, Team Gold Label decided to tell a story of the Scottish origin of the brand and the journey the brand has taken until it finally got to Nigeria.

Highball collections

For this Task, the Housemates made their way to the bar to come up with their cocktail collections and recipes. Two members of each team performed this Task while the last teammate stayed back in the House to act as judges.

Seeing as nothing gets past Biggie, he immediately foiled the attempt by some of the teams to make their drinks easily identifiable by fellow teammates who had to play judges. Team Gold Label, in particular, had devised a means whereby they placed a lemon in their drink so that Laycon could see it and possibly give them a high mark. Biggie warned them not to even attempt it. As soon as they were done with the cocktails, the teammates judging were invited to taste and give scores.

Winner of the Task

Johnnie Walker Wager Task Result

  • Gold Label 91.6 (Points)
  • Red Label 68.3 (Points)
  • White walker 65.6 (Points)
  • Black Label 65 (Points)

The winning team was rewarded it an all-expense paid trip to the home of Johnnie Walker in Scotland and the sum of 1 Million Naira to each team member.

BBNaija Team Gold Label

Congratulations to Laycon, Nengi and Vee!

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Mbam Stanley
3 years ago

Nice updates, Congratulations Laycon, I love this kind of jubilation.

3 years ago

Laycon is going to win BBNaija 100% sure this is agbaawo from ikenne

3 years ago

Congratulations to our Laycon

Nomso Simeon
Nomso Simeon
3 years ago

Congratulations team gold ñ: laycon, nengi, vee…. Grace upon u all

3 years ago

Congrats team gold wow my Laycon I’m proud

Rosemary Luthuli
Rosemary Luthuli
3 years ago
Reply to  Nokuthula

woow i was like crazy …when they were announced ..i like this boy.