BBNaija Housemates OPPO Spelling Bee Game for Week 7 (September 2)

Today’s Task is a simple photography contest, and the Lockdown Housemates will be required to divide themselves into five different teams. This means four teams will consist of two members each while the last team will have three members.

To determine their teammates for today, the Housemates were required to quickly partake in a fun spelling bee game. For this spelling bee game, they had to divide themselves into two groups of male and female.

Taking turns, each team member, that is one member from the opposite gender, had to pick one numbered envelope from the bowl of envelopes and give it to one member of the opposing team to pronounce while they spell the word. There were three stacks of numbered envelopes, the first stack was from number one to 21. While the second stack was from number 22 to 51. The last stack, from 52 to 70.

The Housemates were only allowed to pick the envelopes in ascending order, this means they were not to select envelopes from the second or third stack unless the first stack which is from number one to 21 got exhausted. Each Housemate also had to write out the words on the provided white marker board while they were spelling for clarity. Each Housemate had only 10 seconds to spell each word.

A box with numbered cards were also made available. Once each Housemate spelt their word correctly, they were instructed to proceed to pick one number from the box without peeping inside. After they picked the numbered card from the box, they had to sit back and wait for the rest of the House to complete their spelling. Given words like ‘liberation’, ‘millennial’, and some photography and phone technical terms, the Housemates took turn spelling out the words that were pronounced.

If a Housemate was unable to spell a word correctly within the allotted 10 seconds, they had to return to their seat and wait until other Housemates had taken their own turns before they had to try again.

For the first round, Trikytee, Lucy and Kiddwaya failed to spell their given words correctly, they said it had to do with pronunciation problems. Next, Erica, Laycon, Dorathy, Ozo, Nengi, Neo and Prince got their spellings correctly; however, Vee didn’t.

For this, the Housemates that didn’t get it had to go again. In this round, Trikytee, Lucy and Kiddwaya didn’t get their spellings correctly, but Vee got hers. They went again; Kiddwaya and Lucy didn’t get their spellings right, Trikytee got his correctly and so, Lucy and Kiddwaya had to go again. They both took turns in trying again, until they both got their spellings correctly.

The Oppo teams

Once all Housemates had spelt one word correctly and picked their numbered card from the box, they were required to open the cards to reveal the numbers written on them. Housemates with identical numbers automatically became teammates for the Photography Challenge.


  • Group one – Trikytee and Prince
  • Group two – Ozo and Laycon
  • Group three – Dorathy and Kiddwaya
  • Group four – Neo and Lucy
  • Group five – Nengi, Erica and Vee
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3 years ago

laycon is for the money please dont let him go