BBNaija Maria and Jackie B; Nini and Tega in Mad Fight in the House

Biggie’s House’s thin walls can’t hold secrets, and today’s confrontations are nothing short of the brawl we’ve all been waiting for.

After just 13 days in the House, cracks are beginning to appear, and they’re all the consequence of miscommunications that have led the ladies down a rabbit hole of gbas gbos.

The ladies met in the garden during Big Brother’s Diary Session this afternoon, where two arguments occurred.

It’s the second day in a row that we encounter Maria in a pickle in the House. The scenario was set with a furious confrontation between Maria and Jackie B, which almost got Princess in trouble for giggling. We can’t say we blame her because some of the conversations would make us laugh out loud. We can’t blame them for shouting words and names that we can’t even repeat ourselves. Twenty-two strangers living in perfect harmony in a house would be a dream come true.

We observed another brawl between Tega and Nini, in keeping with the fighting theme. What should have been a harmless chat quickly devolved into a violent barrage of f-bombs. It all started with a chair. Tega reportedly grabbed and dragged Nini’s feet off a chair she was resting her feet on without telling her. Nini did not take this well, which comes as no surprise given her recent outburst at Pere. Respect appears to be a top priority for all of the Housemates, but are they conveying it effectively?

It doesn’t end there, though. All of the conflicts appeared to be connected and involving a large number of Housemates. One would think that their extended stay in the House is driving them insane, but it’s as if we didn’t receive the word. Pere has grown unpopular in the House, with several Housemates accusing him of talking and stirring up drama for the geng. We witnessed him interfering with Sammie and Angel’s relationship, questioning their status and attempting to play cupid, despite his willingness to share a bed with Angel. We’re curious as to what his actual strategy is.

All the wahala among the Shine Ya Eye geng is kept alive via gossip. When Liquorose overheard Beatrice and Angel talking about the other Housemates in the early hours of the morning, she became enraged and confronted Beatrice. This irritated Liquorose, who believed she needed honesty and transparency from them.

The House is currently in a state of unrest, but we hope that the Abeg Task Challenge and Jacuzzi party will help to ease tensions.

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