BBNaija Pere Reveals Interest In Beatrice

Pere and Beatrice’s relationship is entangled in a web that neither of them entirely comprehends. It all began with a kiss, and now we’ve arrived! You could be wondering where I am. We truly have no idea. That is the predicament Pere and Beatrice have placed us, the audience, in.

When the two shared sensual kisses during a truth or dare game, Pere picked Beatrice to act out the kiss dare issued to him, tongues began to wag. Beatrice was given the same dare and chose Pere as well.

This kiss was so significant that Pere’s love interest Maria complained to the other Housemates about how she felt insulted by it. What we didn’t expect was for Pere and Beatrice to continue their chat after the kiss.

Beatrice contacted Pere on Thursday morning and inquired as to why he does not associate with her as he does with the other Housemates. That query sparked a conversation between the two in the tiny hours of the morning, leaving us to wonder if Pere had moved on from Maria.

So, what went down in the garden? Take a seat and listen to what I have to say.
Pere had called Maria and explained that he needed to chat with her about something. The two then proceeded to a quiet spot of the lawn to talk. Pere, who played the sophisticated gentleman, began by assuring Beatrice that she is such a sweet girl and that she should not doubt herself. He also said that he was aware that she liked him and that she would like to pursue a relationship with him.

Pere went on to tell her that he liked her and that he thinks there’s a chance they’ll become more than friendsβ€” but he’s not sure whether they’ll ever become a thing. As a result, he doesn’t want to squander her time.

Beatrice was blushing like a lady who had just been proposed to the entire time Pere was saying this. Beatrice made it obvious towards the end of Pere’s speech that she wasn’t particularly interested in Pere and that he might be confusing things up in his thoughts. We’re hoping the murky water clears up soon so we can figure out what’s going on.

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