BBNaija Reunion Day 8 Highlights 2021 for Lockdown Housemates

Todays reunion show was all about Erica and her differences with Laycon, Vee and Wathoni.

Erica and Wathoni

Erica and Wathoni Reunion

Erica and her relationships with other housemates such as Wathoni, Vee, and Erica were the focus of the most recent episode of the show. Erica stated that the majority of her comments about her have been negative, which is why she gives Wathoni bad energy outside the house.

In terms of her relationship with Wathoni, Erica claims that it is strained because Wathoni has been disparaging her.

During Wathoni’s media tour, Erica claims that Wathoni said she(Erica) and Kiddwaya used to do bad things in the house. Wathoni defended herself by saying that she was asked about them once and that her response was not meant to be hurtful.

To avoid further squabbles, Wathoni and Erica both apologized. They both hugged on stage as a sign of their reconciliation. One of the primary missions of the reunion show is to reconcile housemates’ differences.

Erica and Vee Status

Vee and Erica Reunion

Erica has spoken out about her current relationship status with Vee both during and after the BBNaija show. Erica stated that she has no relationship with Vee outside of the house because she does not know her and does not believe she exists. This, she claims, is due to the negative feedback she received from her in the house.

Erica stated that she came to the house to promote her acting career rather than make friends, and that she was unable to bond with Vee during her stay.

Vee also responded that she chose Laycon’s friendship over anything else and does not even know if Erica exist because she’s is more focused on her career rather than the negative energy and social media clout.

Erica and Laycon

Erica revealed that she’s is yet to speak with Laycon since they left the BBNaija reality show. She said Laycon is a snake and regretted ever trusting him thinking that he had her back. Speaking about the future of their relationship, she said she is not willing to have a conversation with Laycon because it will all be full of lies and pretence and nothing good will come out of it.

Laycon responding to Erica’s claims disclosed that he is much more interested in seeing his fans talk about his music career and how his album will be in the top chat than discussing issues that resulted from where he went to promote his music.

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