BBNaija Wildcards – Will Maria Keep It Together and Avoid Eviction

Big Brother revealed the two Wildcards at Thursday’s Special Diary Session, despite the fact that they had never met before. They now know who they are, and we’re not sure how long they’ll be able to keep it a secret until the other Housemates figure it out!

So far, they’ve done a fantastic job of being elusive and deflecting any suspicions that have been tossed their way. Today, however, has a unique twist that has us both frightened and excited.

The Housemates burst into turmoil as they attempted to pair up people in the order they entered the Diary Room after discussing the clue they got from Big Brother during their Diary Session. The effort was worthwhile, but there were just too few people who could read this room.

Maria almost broke character in this crucial moment, jeopardizing all of their previous efforts to remain undetected. This is, as Pere put it, “the whole idea” of being a Wildcard. Fortunately, Pere was wearing a serious expression and needed to reintroduce Maria to the game before most people noticed anything unusual.

We’re interested to see who will most likely give up and jinx this run before their time runs out.

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