Being with You is Not a Strategy โ€“ Prince Reassures Tolanibaj on His Commitment

Tolanibaj confronted Prince on Friday night about the recent changes in their relationship. The housemates became lovers after Prince professed his love to Tolanibaj which she didnโ€™t hesitate before saying yes to him.

Tolanibaj, on Friday night said she knows sheโ€™s a prize on the outside and would not take half of what she does here. She accused Prince of not putting effort in the relationship and using her as a strategy.

Prince Tolanibaj

In the conversation she said, โ€œI know you are Mr Nigeria, but housemates even notice we are not so close anymore. Your energy is not there. It feels like youโ€™re using me as a strategy.โ€

However, Prince responding said he is not using her as a strategy and would never use anyoneโ€™s feelings to win the game.

โ€œBeing with you is not a strategy and I would not do such on national TV. Youโ€™re misunderstanding me. The last thing Iโ€™ll want to do is use someoneโ€™s emotion as strategy to play a game on national Tv. Itโ€™s more of a damage to me than to you. I understand how you feel. Iโ€™m doing a lot of things wrong and not familiar with your love language, but Iโ€™ll do better,โ€ Prince said.

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3 years ago

Ohnn that’s so sweet