Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Reunion highlight for Episode 13 (Jun 22)

Today’s show was all about the ex-housemates Social Media affairs.

Diane was the first to give her opinion on how she felt with the massive changes in her social media channels. Ebuka asked Diane how she coped with the fame and Instagram followers.

She responded that she was shocked when she left the show and saw her followers when she logged on to her social media channels.

Ebuka then asked Thelma how she coped with hers. She revealed that she was shocked with the number of likes she got when she posted her first picture with so many negative and awful comments. Ike responded to Thelma’s comments that he feels most followers just want to become relevant through other people.

A video of the Omashola and Mike was played where Omashola was teaching Mike how to sing and another video of the chiwawa and barking dog scene between Tacha and Omashola was also played. The host Ebuka then asked Omashola why he never gave on Mike’s inability to learn the song.

Omashola responded that he felt Mike has this Jamaica gangster kind of charisma and wanted to learn and that kept him going. Responding to the Chiwawa incidence, Omashola said he was shocked to see Mercy and Frodd dancing during the incident and when he came out of the BBNaija house he was surprised to see that there was already a song that was trending with the chiwawa and barking dog incidence.

Tacha BBNaija reunion

Ebuka then threw a question at Tacha and asked her if she feels her fans are a reflection of her. Tacha responded that her fans relate to her and are protective of her but her fans don’t attack other housemates.

Mercy BBNaija reunion

Mercy however responded that Tacha Know quite well that her fans attack other housemates. She also stated that sometimes Tacha post and likes comments of her fans attacking other housemates.

Frodd revealed his thoughts about an incident that happened after they left the show. He said he was cool with Tacha and he launched his clothing brand “unbothered” before Tacha. But when he shared the pictures of his brand on his social media handle, he received a lot of shades from Tacha’s fans. This made him to text Tacha to know if they had any issue with him but Tacha didn’t respond to his messages. He said this made him to check if Tacha was following him but however noticed she was not and decided to unfollow her as well and unsend the previous message he sent to her.

KimOprah said Mercy fans or those pretending to be her fans dragged her for 3 days which made her to contact mercy and ask her if she was cool with her but it happened that they were cool.

Elozonam replied that in his unbiased opinion he feels Tacha’s fans are intense however, Mercy fans are more skilled towards defense and peace than attacks than Ticha fans.

Here are some tweets from fans.

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