BBNaija 2021 Week 4 Nomination and Result – Housemates Up for Eviction

The Head of House Game today was the same as it has been in previous weeks. The 35-step game must be completed in 60 seconds by all 19 housemates that are participating. The current head of house Pere was ineligible to play in today’s game. The game’s winner will be immune to nomination and have the option of nominating a deputy. The winner and deputy will also have access to the Big Brother lounge on a first-come, first-served basis.

Maria, Liquorose and Peace are barred from the Head of House lounge because they bridged the Head of House lounge rules. However, they will be allowed to participate in the game. If any of them wins, they will gain immunity from nomination but will live in the common room and not the Head of House lounge.

The first housemate to partake in the game today is Nini. Here is the result from today’s game



  • Nini – 6
  • Angel – 0
  • Sammie – 16
  • Boma – 0
  • Liquorose – 7
  • Saskay – 26
  • Saga – 7
  • Emmanuel – 14
  • Yousef – 20
  • Tega – 0
  • Maria – 28
  • Jaypaul – 0
  • Michael – 16
  • JMK – 12
  • Jackie B – 21
  • Cross – 24
  • Queen – 0
  • Peace – 15
  • Whitemoney – 9

At the end of the game, Maria emerged winner of today’s game and has now gained immunity from nomination this week. Due to her punishment, she will not have access to luxury of the Big Brother lounge. She nominated Boma as her Deputy Head of House and Boma nominated Jackie B as his guest to share the Biggie’s lounge with him.

BBNaija 2021 Week 4 Nomination

There was a new twist to this week nomination. No nomination will be done this week and no eviction will be done on Sunday therefore, there will be no public votes. However, the head of House Maria was given the task to convince the housemates that Big Brother gave her the privilege of nominating two housemates that least impresses her for eviction. She was however cautioned not to disclose this secret to any of the housemates. Big Brother provided her with a note pad and a pen to put down a scoring method for the housemates.

Highlight of this Week Twist.

  1. There will be no nominations this week.
  2. There will be no public voting.
  3. There will be no evictions on Sunday.
  4. Maria has been asked to keep point 3 a secret.
  5. Maria will have to convince the housemates that Biggie has scrapped today’s nominations and has given her the absolute power to evict two housemates on Sunday.
  6. Maria has to convince the house that the housemates who least impress her will be evicted.
  7. Maria has to tell them that she’ll create a scoring/ranking system for the housemates.
  8. β€œPlease do not turn them to slaves”, Biggie says.
  9. Maria has to make sure she convinces the housemates to believe this prank.
  10. She has been provided with a notepad and pen to score/rank the housemates to portray her point.
  11. Success on this task will come with a reward, and failure will have consequences.

Big Brother promised to reward her with a price if she successfully accomplish the task.

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Pontso Motaung
Pontso Motaung
2 years ago

Maria for the money