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Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) Week 1 Voting Poll 2020 (Housemates Nominated for Eviction)

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Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) Week 1 Voting Poll 2020 (Housemates Nominated for Eviction)

Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) week one (1) voting polls for housemates nominated for possible eviction. According to the rules guiding the Big Brother Naija house, all housemates are eligible for eviction for the first eviction of the show. All Housemates Are Up For eviction after been nominated by their fellow housemates.

The following is the breakdown of how each housemate nominated another.

Tacha, Ella, Frodd, Sir Dee, Kimoprah have just been Nominated for possible Eviction. Frodd who was initially Nominated used his Veto Power and replaced himself with Mercy.

Housemates were each called into the Diary Room during the Live Eviction Show to put up two Housemates for Eviction and here’s how they made their selections.

Housemate Nomination
Seyi Tuoyo and Ella
Mercy Ella and Frodd
Frodd Ella and Tacha
Thelma Frodd and Tacha
Omashola Sir Dee and Tacha
Tacha Frodd and Sir Dee
Nelson Ella and Gedoni
Khafi Kimoprah and Frodd
Tuoyo Ella and Seyi
Ella Kimoprah and Tacha
Mike Ella and Tacha
Esther Ike and Tacha
Ike Diane and Jeff
Kimoprah Tacha and Jackye
Sir Dee Ella and Ike
Jackye Jeff and Sir Dee
Gedoni Tuoyo and Mercy
Diane Kimoprah and Tacha
Jeff Frodd and Esther

Leading on the list of Housemates Nominated was Tacha with a record of Eight Nominations. Coming second was Ella with Seven Nominations.

See how Each of the Nominated Housemates ranked

Housemates Number of Nominations
Tacha 8
Ella 7
Frodd 5
Sir Dee 3
Kimoprah 3

Frodd became Veto Power Holder and saved himself from Eviction and within 20 seconds replaced himself with a surprised Mercy. With Frodd out of the list, the rest of the Housemates, Tacha, Ella, Kimoprah, Sir Dee and Mercy are up for possible Eviction.

Voting officially opened tonight and viewers can now Vote for their favourite Housemates to stay in the House. This Nomination will test the strength of the fan base of each of the Housemates up for Eviction. How loyal are their fans? Will they be able to keep them in the House. We will find out.

Watch how each housemates nominated for eviction

Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) Housemates up for Eviction This Week (Week 1)

There was no Head of House game this week and Big Brother decided to put all housemates up for eviction including our “Secret Room” housemates – Seyi and Tacha.

But Khafi who won this week’s Veto Power Game of Chance (means that she has the power to save a nominated housemate and replace such housemate with a housemate that is not nominated) couldn’t get a chance to use it as all housemates were automatically placed on nomination by big brother.

How to Vote for Your Favorite Bbnaija 2020 Housemates

I have given a detailed article on how you can vote your favourite housemate to avoid eviction. See the article here: Voting Polls: How to Vote on Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Season 5 Show 2020

BBNaija Voting Poll (Week 1) Live

  • Khafi
    50% 2 / 4
  • Omashola
    0% 0 / 4
  • Ike
    0% 0 / 4
  • Isilomo
    50% 2 / 4
  • Gedoni
    0% 0 / 4
  • Avala
    0% 0 / 4

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