Biggie Brief Housemates on their First Task of the Season

Biggie gave the Shine Ya Eye Housemates their first Brief of the Season, and they’ve immediately gotten down to business. The Brief came this afternoon early, and Peace, the Head of House, performed the honors of reading it to the Housemates.

Here’s the Brief

Welcome to Week 1 in Big Brother’s House. By now, Big Brother believes that you are gradually settling down and savouring the beauty of your new space.

As expected, the Season cannot go without some activities that have been carefully curated to make your stay in the House fun and exciting. These activities will simply be known as tasks and games.

A major part of your activities for the season will be the “Abeg tasks”, courtesy of the season’s headline sponsor, Abeg.

Your ‘Abeg” task for this week will be a theatrical presentation.

The house must develop a musical theatrical drama in celebration of Nigeria which you will present on Friday night.

Your presentation is expected to cut across different tribes, showcasing Nigeria’s cultural diversity in all its richness and grandeur.

All housemates must partake in the creative process and the eventual presentation of this task.

Songs and dances must be incorporated in your performance and the duration of your presentation must exceed 40 minutes.

Requisite props and costumes will be made available to aid your performance.

Big Brother expects the house to work harmoniously and put up a great show come Friday night.

Yours truly,

Big Brother.

Getting to work

It’s time for the Housemates to get to work now that the Brief has been read. Mild squabbles have already occurred, with Peace apologizing to Beatrice for causing her distress, while the rest of the Housemates are struggling to come up with a strategy to deal with the short.

One House

As their first brainstorming session was overshadowed by conflicts of ideas with Housemates shouting over each other, shouts of ‘One House’ filled the room. They’ve been ordered to wait for the other Housemates to finish speaking before speaking up again, in order to keep the peace. Angel also recommended that they inquire, although this might be a veiled dig at Liquorose. This isn’t surprising, given their vast numbers and diverse viewpoints. Hopefully, they will reach an agreement and a clear route to giving a spectacular presentation shortly.

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Dalon Joseph
Dalon Joseph
2 years ago

Hmm it will be fun to see how they Carry out their first task