Biggie Issues Michael and Saga Strikes for Destruction of Property

For destroying property in the Big Brother House, Biggie issues Michael and Saga Strikes.

Saga and Michael, two Big Brother Housemates, have received a Strike each from Big Brother for behaviour that caused damage to the House earlier this week. Despite both of them apologizing for their acts during previous Diary Room sessions. After everyone had gathered in the Lounge, they were forced to watch footage of their transgressions.

The first saw an emotional Michael bashing a hole in a wall, while the second included an overly excited Saga jumping onto a lintel and attempting a pull-up but instead bringing it down.

“Saga, you attempted to hang on the lintel of the Arena door, thereby destroying the frame cover. Is this not so?”

“Yes, Big Brother,” was the response.

“Michael, on the same Friday night you put your strength to test and punched a hole on the bedroom wall – Impressive strength… and as you may be aware, strength without control can lead to destruction. Is this not so?

“Yes, Big Brother.”

“You have both been found guilty of breaking a fundamental House rule and are hereby issued a Strike. Two more Strikes and you will be disqualified from the Big Brother β€˜Shine Ya Eye’ House.”

Saga and Michael are the only Housemates with Strikes against their names, joining Pere. They will be expected to serve a modest punishment if they survive tonight’s Eviction. Let’s see how this affects the House’s mood.

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