Biggie to Punish Housemates for Participating in the Whispering Game

Big Brother spoke with Pere about the whisper game during today’s Diary session, which resulted in a furious argument between him and Whitemoney.

Biggie sat and listened as Pere recounted the events that lead up to the huge brawl. Biggie interrupted his explanation by reminding him of his time as Head of House and how he was told to tell Housemates to stop whispering. Biggie informed him that their actions during the game would result in severe consequences, which would be announced soon.

Cross, the game’s creator, attempted to explain his position on the game to Biggie, begging with him to reconsider his sentence, but Biggie reminded him of the House Rules and their position on whispering.

Despite admitting to inventing the game for the sake of variety in their enjoyment, Biggie had no intention of being as forgiving. Cross was reminded of the different approaches he could have employed in his creative role to ensure the Housemates followed the rules.

We hope the Housemates are prepared for whatever these rigorous consequence turn out to be. We’re all aware of Biggie’s proclivity for surprising us.

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2 years ago

Biggie I’m pleading on their behalf.

Michael Somtoch
Michael Somtoch
2 years ago

Lol,Why Biggie