Ceec End Friendship with Cross Over Obsession with KimOprah

Ceec Ends Friendship with Cross Over Obsession with KimOprah

Ceec has decided to end her friendship with Cross due to his apparent obsession with KimOprah during their time together as housemates in the All Stars house.

In a playful but furious manner, she accused Cross of being overly fixated on KimOprah and labeled him as “very evil.” She also expressed her belief that no matter what Cross does, he won’t win the 120 million Naira prize. Ceec even went as far as stating that Cross wouldn’t succeed in pursuing a relationship with KimOprah outside the house.

Ceec’s frustration stemmed from the fact that Cross seemed to prioritize KimOprah over their friendship, despite her believing she had been a better friend to him than anyone else in the house.

However, she did admit that when Cross initially got closer to KimOprah, she was happy for him, interpreting it as a sign of his growing responsibility.

Things took a turn when Cross ignored her, prompting Ceec to playfully warn him to “maintain this energy outside.” She even threatened to use all means at her disposal to publicly call him out if she discovered that KimOprah had ended their connection.

Cross tried to clarify that he wasn’t actually dating KimOprah, but Ceec remained upset, bringing up past incidents like the pizza incident where Kim took a larger portion when Cross received pizza, reinforcing her belief that she wasn’t chosen as Cross’s best friend.

The issue of Cross and KimOprah resurfaced in a conversation in the garden, with Alex, Cross, Mercy Eke, and Whitemoney present. Ceec added to the discussion, suggesting that Cross and KimOprah had shared a kiss, pointing out that it wouldn’t have been mentioned by Ebuka if there wasn’t something more to it. Whitemoney argued against assumptions, defending Cross as a lover boy who was entitled to show affection. He also defended KimOprah, describing her as a protective partner. Pere sided with Cross, emphasizing that their connection was nothing more than a sincere friendship. Despite the ongoing banter, Ceec concluded that KimOprah had enjoyed her time.

In the diary room, Ceec expressed her desire for payback from Cross before they leave the house, although she hoped they could eventually reconcile and become friends again. Despite their current tensions, Ceec still values their bond and hopes they can move past this incident in the future.


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