Chichi and Daniella Believe Adekunle, Sheggz, & Phyna are String Contenders

Chichi and Daniella Believe Adekunle, Sheggz, & Phyna are String Contenders

Chichi and Daniella believe Adekunle, Sheggz, and Phyna, have a strong game plan and go on to analyse the reasons why.

Chichi and Daniella had a hot gossip session last night where they spoke about Adekunle, Sheggz, Phyna and their game plan.

While Daniella was busily executing her Task as Tail of House, Chichi came over to keep her company and thus began hot gist about their fellow Housemates and their game plan in the House. Chichi firstly flagged Rachel’s confidence whenever Nomination and Eviction time came around. She was puzzled at the Level of confidence Rachel had looking at the fact that she came into the House when the show was well on its way.

The conversation also swayed to Adekunle and Sheggz whom Chichi believed were playing a very good game. Chichi tagged Adekunle as a smart Housemate who knew pretty well what he was doing while she believed Sheggz came to the show prepared. The gossip session got a bit spicier when Chichi and Daniella spoke about the reason why Housemates like Rachel might be so confident. They highlighted the issue of their fellow Housemates paying a hefty sum for managers who would push their cause outside the House. They both laughed at the notion saying they couldn’t afford to do such.

Chichi and Daniella also spoke on the Groophy ship saying Groovy was smart while Phyna had a likeable personality. Were Chichi and Daniella trying to gauge their chance at winning the ultimate prize? We can’t say but we hope they enjoy the ride to the finale and not bother themselves unnecessarily.

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