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Barely two weeks to the end of the show, the couples in the love pad had a one-on-one session with aunty to reveal their future plans and life after the Ultimate Love show. Here are some shocking and interesting revelation about some couples and their plans beyond the Ultimate Love show.

ROKSIE (Kachi and Rosie)

Rosie and Kachi are already in it for the long run and it’s beautiful to behold! After unpacking some of the tense and rather rude exchanges they’ve endured after Nominating Jaykech and Iykeresa (in particular a private meeting held behind their backs) it was time to turn their attention to something more positive, life outside the Love Pad.

Roksie week 6

It’s astonishing how much they’ve already discussed. They want two boys (a little brother for Jeremy) and two girls. Kachi has also asked Rosie if it’s alright that he meet her family and discuss marriage seriously. They want to live together in an apartment in Lagos right away because they’re afraid of losing each other.

Moving won’t be much of a challenge for Kachi who is a digital and social platform developer meaning he can work pretty much anywhere. Rosie however might switch careers and get into voice over work and MCing. She’s already said yes to the big question and they told Aunty it is now a matter of “WHEN” they’ll get married and not “IF”.

CHIVIA (Chiddy Bankz and Sylvia)

Chivia were beaming as usual throughout their chat with Aunty and it would seem that cheerful disposition is getting under the skin of some Love Guests. She didn’t reveal the name but apparently someone told Sylvia that her relationship with Chiddy Bankz is fake because they don’t quarrel.

Naturally, both of them took offense to this because the reason they don’t let their tempers get the better of them is simply making a mutual decision to respect each other. Aunty reminded them to trust each other and completely ignore the haters because their opinions mean nothing.

CHIVIA One-on-One Session with Aunty

With the negativity disbanded, it was time to talk life after the Pad! Chivia are currently discussing living arrangements which are somewhat complicated by the fact Sylvia is still a student and goes to Uni on the other side of Lagos.

Aunty commended the progress they’ve made including Chiddy “singing her love language” with lots of intense, physical intimacy through the week. Other than a few pet-peeves (like Chiddy not showering in the morning where Sylvia is an absolute neat-freak) it’s onwards and upwards for Chivia.

OBIEBI (Obichukwu and Ebiteinye)

It was so beautiful watching ObiEbi, all smiles and more in love than ever because last week was one of the toughest points in their relationship. They almost Checked Out. From the top of the session, Aunty was already complementing Ebi’s beautiful dimples which she’d missed seeing and it was like speaking to a whole new Couple.

So what changed? Aunty’s stern advice and instruction to decide if they want to make things work forced them to hash things out. Toward the end of last week’s session, they both tried to make her take sides but she flatly refused.

Obiebi week 6

This led to a very frank and honest conversation in the garden where they confessed their dislikes and decided how they were going to treat each other better going forward. They spoke about wanting one girl and two boys.

Obi also made a poignant revelation about going on a pilgrimage after the show to lay down an alter on a mountain so God’s blessing would be with their family. After that, it’s off to their respective families to get acquainted. One major standout in their session is how they want to centre family.

Both their moms will always be welcome in their home as they take care of them and Ebi came up with a beautigul idea to have their family members also take an oath and sign their names formally in support of this union at the wedding ceremony.

PRESHDAVID (David Wilson and Presh talker)

PreshDavid are as giddy and happy as ever. Unlike some of our Love Guests, the pressure of the competition doesn’t seem to be getting to them but that might have something to do with the fact they’ve been canoodling in the Love Nest and free from Nomination drama for three-weeks-straight.

PreshDavid week 6

Aunty was keen to know if they’ve been talking about life outside the Love Pad. While they’re not going to be moving in together just yet, they’ve discussed having children. Presh is okay with having four while David is adamant about having twins. Given that they run in his family there’s a good chance he might get his wish.

They are both passionate about Port Harcourt and investing in the Arts in their home town so they are hardly going to be apart. On the issue of last names, being an established personality means Presh Talker wants to keep her brand name but she’s 100% okay with being Mrs. Wilson for the moment.

Even if she objected however, David maintains that he wouldn’t mind because he wants a strong and assertive partner. As such, descent comes with the territory. Ultimately, he’s more concerned with them being happy than being, “the man” and being “always being right”.

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