Cross and Ilebaye Class over Missing Alcohol

Cross and Ilebaye Class over Missing Alcohol

What was initially expected to be a delightful evening at the Big Brother Naija house, filled with laughter and relaxation during the Thursday grill and pool party, took an unexpected turn into a heated argument between HoH Cross and Ilebaye, all due to some missing alcohol. This dramatic twist left everyone stunned, witnessing the transformation of Cross and Ilebaye from a couple sharing romantic moments to embroiled adversaries.

Earlier in the night, the two housemates had been paired up for a Close Up task. Their performance portrayed a heartwarming love story, recounting how they met and fell in love, even treating their fellow housemates to a passionate dance. The atmosphere was steeped in romance, but little did anyone foresee that it would soon erupt into a fiery confrontation.

The trouble began when Cross noticed that a portion of the alcohol, specifically Ceec’s drinks, had mysteriously vanished from the table. Confused and frustrated, he couldn’t discern the culprit responsible for this disappearance. Ilebaye, curious about the situation, repeatedly inquired about what had transpired, further irritating Cross. In his frustration, Cross raised his voice in an outburst that caught Ilebaye off guard. This unexpected confrontation turned the serene party into a chaotic battleground of voices.

The abrupt shift from being an affectionate couple to fierce adversaries left the other housemates bewildered. Realizing his mistake, Cross swiftly offered an apology for his outburst, but the damage had already been done. A visibly upset Ilebaye sought solace on her bed, shedding tears and clearly hurt by the altercation.

However, what stood out the most was the reaction of their fellow housemates. While Ilebaye dealt with her emotional distress, Alex and Soma chose to distance themselves from the situation, opting to enjoy the party rather than become entangled in the unfolding drama.

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8 months ago

Cross we will vote more for Baye to give you a good lesson. Baye till day 72 when she takes the crown.