Cross BBNaija 2021 Diary Session (Week 5)

Following the nomination for Week 5, the Housemates were invited into the diary room to discuss how they feel about the nomination and other things. This is what Cross said in her Diary Session.

I was very shocked to my bone when I was put up for eviction by Liquorose. I had thought my name wasn’t Cross for a moment. I was so uncomfortable with my emotions. Liquorose told me days ago she doesn’t understand me.

I didn’t see the Veto power selection coming. I was really sad throughout yesterday but I feel better about it. The punishment you gave us is really taking a toll on me. I don’t have any grudges or hate towards Liquorose. I looked her in the eye and spoke to her dis morning.

Looking at the video you played, I think the house deserves the punishment you gave us. Some people have balls, I need to have a conversation with Maria. Apart from the strike, they deserve more punishment than d rest of d house.

I don’t think I’ve done anything personally to deserve Biggie’s punishment but Pere, Maria, JMK is taking a piss. They haven’t come to apologize to us. I’m taking 4 supakomandos to stay awake to deal with the punishment.

Biggie explains the entire house is punished as a result of the whispering game they had weeks ago. Cross admits he deserves the punishment the entire house got from Biggie. Cross says going forward, he’s going to change it for anyone who breaks the house rules

I nominated Pere because of his complex human character. I’m still angry for what he did to Whitemoney. He didn’t apologize to the house and Whitemoney. I nominated Sammie because he gives me negative vibes sometimes — Cross

Liquorose HOH started on a wrong foot with me for putting me up for eviction. She’s every joyful, good leader, enthusiastic. I see light whenever I see her. I think she’ll do well as HOH but I can’t tell how it’ll end.

If Liquorose was going to put me up for eviction, she should have made me her deputy so I sleep in the HOH lounge Incase I get evicted on Sunday. Saga is a nice lad but he shouldn’t have been a deputy.

If Liquorose had selected me as deputy, I would have picked as JMK my roommate in the HOH lounge. Saskay is playing with my emotions. After Sunday show I discovered there’s something wrong with Saskay. I was pissed when she broke our agreement.

Cross tells Biggie he’s having a hard time with his mental health, heartache in the house as he has to deal with Biggie’s house rules, Saskay and being up for eviction

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2 years ago

Cross you are staying for 72 days you are not boring

2 years ago

First peace broke the rules when she was call for diary session she left the microphone then Maria n jmk they gossip pere his boldness irritate me at his age undermining others also he must leave must go back to army

2 years ago

Cross Cross Cross Cross Cross Cross Cross 100%behind u from South Africa…..