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BBNaija Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,…90 Highlight Season 7 2022 – BBN Latest News Update

As the 2022 Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season 7 reality show commences, we have made this post to give you a daily highlights of events that happened in the Big Brother Naija house.

Week 4

BBNaija 2022 Day 24 – Highlight August 16

  • Adekunle and Sheggz have a heated brawl – Following their past grievances, Adekunle and Sheggz finally confront each other, almost leading to a physical fight.
  • Fluttering across obstacles – Courtesy of Flutterwave, a Nigerian fintech company, both Level 1 and Level 2 Housemates competed in an obstacle relay game where team members played different roles to complete the obstacle course.

BBNaija 2022 Day 23 – Highlight August 15

  • Chomzy frustrates Allysyn over Adekunle – After Chomzy shares how Allysyn is confused about her relationship with Adekunle, Allysyn confronts her and shares her frustration with Diana.
  • Eloswag wins the HoH Games – Level 1 Housemate Eloswag keeps the title in his House once more as he wins in assembling a jigsaw puzzle and counting sticks.
  • It’s all about the future – The Level Up Housemates have gotten their Wager Task for the week and it’s all about Afrofuturism. The theme for the week is centred around physical science, the digital space, aliens and science fiction.
  • Hermes’ musical rendition – Hermes gets into a little musical mood and goes on to drag his fellow Housemates with a playful musical rendition.
  • Amaka and Phyna iron out their issues – After an argument that involved Groovy, Amaka and Phyna have a sit down to resolve their issues.
  • Allysyn and Doyin chat about Adekunle – Adekunle confides in Doyin about his hopes to rekindle his friendship with Allysyn then she decides to have a girl chat with her to discuss their relationship going forward.
  • Deji tells Doyin she is a hypocrite – “It’s you and your friends who are hypocrites, apart from me because I am not your friend,” Doing told Deji after he told her how she was when she was drunk.
  • “Don’t talk to me anyhow,” Eloswag to Chichi – Eloswag gets into a spat with Chichi fresh off his HoH win. He then discusses this with Adekunle who counsels him to try and understand her character better to avoid future misunderstandings.
  • Eloswag Nominates five Level 2 Housemates – As the new HoH, Eloswag Nominated Amaka, Daniella, Groovy, Kess amd Pharmsavi for possible Eviction.

Week 3

BBNaija 2022 Day 22 – Highlight August 14

  • “It’s serious,” said Khalid – Following his Eviction from the Level Up House, Khalid told Ebuka that while his ship with Daniella caught him off guard, what they share is real.
  • Ebuka crosses into both Levels – Adekunle tells Ebuka that he thinks Sheggz and Bella are a strategy. Meanwhile, Allysyn claims that she and Adekunle are now friends. While in Level 2, Ebuka probed Bryann about his fluctuating affections for Ilebaye. Daniella claimed that being with Khalid is not a strategy.
  • Ilebaye’s Big Brother Naija journey ends – Ilebaye showed us what a true Gen-Z is about. She killed it on the dance floor every Saturday, didn’t get to start drama but was sure to serve it hot, hot if someone tried her. She also got a lot of guys ready to offer her massages.
  • Khalid’s Big Brother Naija journey ends – Making moves silently in his corner, Khalid stole Danilla’s heart and they have been tied to each other’s hips ever since. Always keeping his cool, Khalid made it a point to stay away from conflict, especially with the ladies. Should he be Evicted, he notes that he’ll miss Daniella the most.

Daniella recalls bathroom problem – While speaking about bathroom manners in the House, Daniella recalls an episode with Bryann that apparently left a bad taste in her mouth.

Ilebaye speaks on party drama – Ilebaye explains to Groovy, Kess and Bryann about her encounter with Chichi at the #BBNaija Saturday Night Party and why she took the actions that angered Chichi.

Chichi explains the party drama – After a bit of drama in the Party Room between Chichi and Ilebaye, Chichi took a funny approach to narrating her part of the ordeal to the Level 1 Housemates.

Chichi blows hot at Ilebaye – At the Saturday Night Party, Chichi was apparently pushed away from dancing with Groovy by Ilebay. This did not go well with her and she made sure her disgust was expressed.

BBNaija 2022 Day 21 – Highlight August 13

Hermes and Allysyn talk about their feelings – After getting Adekunle’s blessing, Hermes revisits a conversation he once had with Allysyn about the possibility of them being an item.

Groovy confides in Daniella about actually liking Chomzy – Groovy decides to confide in Daniella about him actually liking Chomzy while also talking about how he doesn’t want to betray his feelings

Another day, another Challenge in the Level Up House – Once again, Housemates gathered in the Arena for a sponsor Challenge by Munch It Nigeria, and Housemates were tested in many aspects, including their knowledge of music, movies and creativity.

Allysyn snubs Hermes – After playfully embracing Eloswag, Allysyn shuns Hermes, who seems to have a crush on her.

“I wanted you last night,” Sheggz tells Bella – “It’s the fact that you don’t do anything.” Sheggz calls Bella out for her lack of affection towards him and for not wanting to do the things that he wants to do.

Hermes tells Adekunle that he likes Allysyn – “I a guy that will be available for as long as I can,” Adekunle revealed the dynamic between him and Allysyn after Hermes expressed his interest in her.

Bryann opens his heart to Modella – “I want to be in your space, I want to touch you,” says Bryann to Modella as he shares his feelings for her.

BBNaija 2022 Day 20 – Highlight August 12

  • A sweet surprise – After a long day of preparing and taking part in the weekly Wager Task, The BBNaija Level Up Housemates get a sweet surprise from Johnnie Walker.
  • Post Task palava – The BBNaija Level Up Housemates had a lot to say about the Wager Task. The Level 1 Housemates feel Biggie pitied the Housemates while the Level 2 Housemates also criticised the Level 1 Housemates for not focusing on the Task.
  • The Gen-Z fashion Task – Friday night came with all the razzmatazz as the BBNaija Housemates pulled up all the stop in their Wager Task presentation
  • Deji and Chichi speak about Doyin’s attitude – Deji discusses with Chichi about his encounter with Doyin and why she has been acting funny towards him.
  • Ankara fashion showcase prep underway – The Level Up Housemates have been tasked with creating Ankara outfits with a Gen Z twist. They’re seen here getting up to a quick rehearsal in order to perfect their plans.
  • “I have a four-man ship,” Amaka to Phyna – Amaka admits to Phyna that she likes both Groovy and Giddyfia. She also adds that she doesn’t have any issues with the latter being friends with Groovy and would hate to have any man come between their friendship.
  • “I have a four-man ship,” Amaka to Phyna – Amaka admits to Phyna that she likes both Groovy and Giddyfia. She also adds that she doesn’t have any issues with the latter being friends with Groovy and would hate to have any man come between their friendship.
  • Things get hot and heavy during truth or dare – After their Pool Party, Level 1 Housemates played a game of truth and dare, and there was more daring than truths.

BBNaija 2022 Day 19 – Highlight August 11

  • Doyin drills Deji over his attitude – Doyin asks Deji if she is being stressful because she doesn’t find his reaction to her amusing in any way.
  • Diana queries Deji over his feelings – Diana drills Deji over who he likes in the House. He claims he only has lustful eyes for a few ladies but hasn’t seen anyone he has real affections for.
  • Bella and Sheggz get into it – Bell and Sheggz have a bit of an exchange as Sheggz believes she is a bit self-centred.
  • Kess flirts with Modella – “If you see something, can your body handle it?” Modella teases Kess with a mini fashion show of a see-through kimono.
  • “I no too feel am,” Deji to Dotun – Deji tells Dotun that he is not really feeling Chichi. He goes on to claim that there is another lady in the Leve1 House to whom he is genuinely attracted.
  • “Don’t provoke me,” Ilebaye to Daniella – Ilebaye and Daniella have a disagreement after completing part of the Quidax Task. Khalid steps in to calm his partner, sealing it with a kiss on the forehead.

BBNaija 2022 Day 18 – Highlight August 11

  • The Arla Task – The Level Up Housemates had a busy evening filled with a Tasking culinary showcase alongside the creation of Tasty meals.
  • The runway prep – Haunted by the ghost of previous losses, Level 2 Housemates are putting in work to make sure they kill it on the runway for the Friday Wager Task.
  • Little Miss Groovy – While the Housemates work on their Ankara materials in preparation for the Wager Task, Groovy adorns a wig and a lingerie to steal the spotlight.
  • Level 2 Housemates chat to Biggie – Sharing their fashion style and ideas on the new House, Level 2 Housemates go to the Diary Room for Diary Sessions two days before their Task Presentation.
  • Wig wearing and style expression in the Diary Room – Housemates had an opportunity to talk about what their sense of style is, and Nominated ones expressed how they feel about being on the Nomination block again.
  • Doyin and Adekunle iron out a misunderstanding – In a calmer state, Doyin asks for clarity about a comment Adekunle passed about her behaviour in the House earlier in the day.

BBNaija 2022 Day 17 – Highlight August 10

  • Level 1 Housemates spill the tea – The BBNaija Level 1 Housemates in their Diary Sessions took turns to let Biggie in on their feelings about their new home and fashion style.
  • Allysyn seeks advice on situationship – Diana and Doyin advise Allysyn on how to completely break up her situationship with Adekunle and how to proceed with her crush Deji.
  • Reflection on chronic Task loss – Kess, and a few of the Level 2 Housemates lament their recent losses after their latest Task leaves them shaken.

BBNaija 2022 Day 16 – Highlight August 9

  • Ilebaye and Bryann lock horns – Ilebaye and Bryann had a go at each other over Bryann’s perceived inability to be rational where Modella is involved.
  • Week 3 Wager Task – The Level Up Housemates get the Wager challenge for the week. The week’s theme is designed to celebrate, as well as showcase Nigeria’s cultural diversity and richness. The theme for the week is Fashion, Arts and Crafts.
  • Allysyn shares where she stands with Adekunle – Chatting to Diana, Allysyn explains how she currently feels about Adekunle, raising questions of whether or not they are on the same page regarding the nature of their relationship.

BBNaija 2022 Day 15 – Highlight August 8

  • Allysyn friendzones Adekunle
  • Allyson seeks advice on situationship

BBNaija 2022 Day 15 – Highlight August 8

  • Chomzy rebuffs Eloswag’s advances
  • Ilebaye and Bryann lock horns
  • Allysyn shares where she stands with Adekunle
  • Allysyn confirms attraction to Deji
  • Adekunle wins Head of House for week 3
  • Adekunle nominates Bryann, Groovy, Ilebaye, Khalid and Phyna for possible eviction in week 3
  • “You are a fool” Bryann to Ilebaye
  • Level 1 and 2 housemates switch houses

Week 2

BBNaija 2022 Day 14 – Highlight August 7

  • Chomzy causes a stir in level 2
  • Chomzy snubs Eloswag because of Phyna
  • Bryann shoots his shot at Modella
  • Level 2 housemates gossip about beauty
  • Beauty Disqualified from Big Brother Naija season 7
  • Cyph and Christy O evicted from the Big Brother Naija season 7
  • Ebuka introduces two new housemates “Riders” (Chizzy and Rachael)
  • Chomzy and Eloswag have a heart to heart conversation

BBNaija 2022 Day 13 – Highlight August 6

  • Doyin and Diana chat about the house dynamics
  • Hermes host a level 1 show
  • Housemates put their cultural skills to test
  • Bryann composes a new anthem for level 2
  • Level 2 housemates win Amazon task presentation
  • Doyin and Sheggs try to resolve their issues
  • Beauty and Groovy fight again

BBNaija 2022 Day 12 – Highlight August 5

  • Bryann want to get serious with Diana
  • Phyna wants Eloswag
  • Sheggs gets vulnerable with bella
  • Deji tells Doyin who he likes
  • Pharmasavi notices 2 condoms missing
  • Level 1 housemates win their first Weekly Wager task
  • Chomzy is disgusted by body count conversation
  • Bryann annoyed at level 2 wager loss

BBNaija 2022 Day 11 – Highlight August 4

  • Adekunle turn on the charm with allyson
  • Level 1 housemates discuss Groovy and Beauty
  • Eloswag yells at Chomzy
  • Amaka friendzone Pharmsavi
  • Level 2 housemates take their first pool party

BBNaija 2022 Day 10 – Highlight August 3

  • Christy O expresses disappointment
  • Level 1 housemates have chilled diary session
  • Level 1 ladies crush on Deji

BBNaija 2022 Day 9 Highlight August 2

  • Beauty and Ilebaye lock horns
  • Chichi opens up to Deji

BBNaija 2022 Day 8 Highlight August 1

  • Hermes Wins Head of House game for week 2
  • Deji and Chichi get acquainted
  • Hermes nominates Amaka, Christy O, Cyph, Khalid and Phina for Eviction in week 2

Week 1

BBNaija 2022 Day 7 Highlight July 31

  • Beauty Gets a strike from Big Brother
  • Ilebaye gets a warning from Big Brother
  • Ebuka introduces two fake housemates (Deji and Modella) introduced

BBNaija 2022 Day 6 Highlight July 30

  • Groovy and Beauty’s love turns sour
  • Chomzy unwittingly upsets Groovy and Beauty’s ship
  • The first Saturday night party

BBNaija 2022 Day 5 Highlight July 29

  • Adekunle notes his concern about sheggs
  • Beauty and Groovy flirt before task the presentation
  • Level 2 Housemates win the first weekly wager task
  • Level 1 housemates expressed disappointment in losing the weekly wager

BBNaija 2022 Day 5 Highlight July 29

  • The first Thursday night Pool Party
  • Pharmsavi and Phyna get cozy
  • Level 2 housemates win the cupcake Task
  • Doyin and Sheggs squash their beef

BBNaija 2022 Day 3 Highlight July 27

  • The first Diary session for level 1 housemates
  • Bryann plans to a Level 2 take over
  • Level 1 housemates receive their first task

BBNaija 2022 Day 2 Highlight July 26

  • The first Diary session for level 2 housemates

BBNaija 2022 Day 1 Highlight July 25

  • HoH Eloswag names housemates for possible Evictions
  • Eloswag wins HOH
  • Eloswag is the first HoH
  • Groovy refuses to kiss Beauty, things get tense

BBNaija 2022 Launch Day Highlight July 23 & 24

BBNaija host Ebuka kicked off the highly anticipated Season 7 double launch in grand style. 24 level up housemates introduced. See the housemates HERE.

BBNaija Launch

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