Eloswag Distances Himself from Chomzy

Since the beginning of the Level Up Season, Eloswag has been unsuccessfully pursuing Chomzy. Despite the fact that he has played every available card, Chomzy has refused to give him the go-ahead, despite the fact that the two have frequent personal sessions.

It’s no surprise that Eloswag is perplexed by Chomzy’s recent behaviour toward him.

Although the duo isn’t officially together, Chomzy complained to Eloswag last night for attempting to give Bella his movie ticket. Chomzy stated that she anticipates Eloswag first discussing it with her. A befuddled Eloswag couldn’t explain his actions; but, in a talk with Sheggz today, he disclosed that her request surprised him because they hadn’tyarned in-depth.” Despite the fact that they share the same bed, he has no ring on his finger and believes he has the right to his independence, especially since she requested that they be friends.

Sheggz stated that Phyna’s relationship with Groovy harmed Chomzy’s sentiments and was most likely the cause of her actions. Following an unusual turn of events at yesterday night’s movie date, Eloswag has been retreating from Chomzy, who attempted to find out why. Eloswag clipped his words, and when she questioned about his conversation with Sheggz, he informed her that Sheggz was concerned about his current silence.

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