Els and Taki Shares First BBMzansi 2024 Kiss

Els and Taki Shares First BBMzansi 2024 Kiss

The BBMzansi 2024 housemates enjoyed an animated night playing truth or dare, culminating in a captivating showcase of the season’s inaugural kisses. The audience was in for a treat when Els, prompted by a dare from Sammy_M, planted a 15-second kiss on disruptor Taki. Despite the dare not being directed at her, Els enthusiastically embraced the moment, leaping from her seat and heading straight for Taki, creating a memorable scene.

The following morning, as Els and Mcjunior worked on their cardboard self-designs, they reminisced about the kissing escapades. Mcjunior expressed surprise at Elss quick willingness to kiss Taki during the game. Els playfully teased Mcjunior, labeling him as boring and asserting her freedom to kiss anyone she desires. She emphasized that it’s not that deep, reminding Mcjunior of her commitment to living her best life, with her mother’s approval in mind.

The second kiss of the night unfolded between Jareed and Liema, featuring a 20-second exchange that evoked mixed feelings among fans. Shortly after the kiss, Jareed boldly declared, “We look good together,” suggesting they check themselves out in the mirror. Jareed embraced Liema from behind, inquiring about her sense of security in his arms, to which she replied, “I feel like I belong.” The duo continued to flirt, with Liema expressing admiration for Jareed’s vernacular-speaking style. The self-proclaimed flirt, Liema, sought Sinaye’s opinion the next morning on her and Jareed. His response was, “I like your banter.” Could this mark the beginning of an entanglement?

See video below;

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