Highlight of BBMzansi 2024 Week 3 Sunday Live Eviction Show

Highlight of BBMzansi 2024 Week 3 Sunday Live Eviction Show

Tonight’s live eviction brought unexpected twists as Fahima and Neo were evicted from the house amid revelations that they were intentionally planted to stir up chaos. Despite disbelief among the remaining housemates, it was confirmed that their disruptive stint had come to an end.

The live show commenced with an adored performance by Mthandeni SK and Lwah Ndlunkulu. However, chaos ensued swiftly, driven by host Lawrence Maleka. He revisited past incidents, including the steak situation, probed McJunior’s HoH reign, and questioned Sinaye about his camera hypervigilance. Sinaye attributed his nervousness to being a good attitude, referencing a previous encounter with Zee.

Fahima and Neo reflected on their journey in the house and had the chance to watch themselves for the first time. Fahima expressed disbelief at her own behavior, describing it as “wilding,” while Neo felt content with her navigation of the house. Neo regretted wearing her heart on her sleeve, acknowledging that her emotions were easily readable, especially when she was angry. Fahima highlighted her connection with McJunior as her S’ya Mosha highlight, leaving him grappling with the realization that his two closest female allies were disruptors.

In a surprising turn of events, Taki received news of his transition from disruptor to a legitimate housemate in the diary room, leaving him in disbelief. With this transformation, the game is now on for Taki as he competes for the chance to win R2-million.

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